No Man’s Sky – How to Get to Live Forever in Under 10 Hours

This guide will teach you on how to properly speedrun getting to live forever in a not very well written guide.

Guide to Properly Speedrun Getting to Live Forever

The Start/Early Game

You will always wake up in a planet with some sort of hazard, so try to not do stupid ♥♥♥♥ while completing the tutorial, especially since we are in perma death.

Sure dying at the tutorial isnt a huge loss but is very annoying (ashamed that it happened to me on the first run).

What i would reccomend you to do is:

  • Get cobalt and ferrite dust for batteries (very important considering it fully refills your hazard protection).
  • Gather the materials to repair early on.
  • Find your ship asap.
  • Wait out the storm for hermetic seal.
  • Then leave the planet.

Just know that the building for said hermetic seals can be about 600 to 800 units away, so i reccomend you learn how to properly melee boost.

Midgame (Yes, This Early On)

Once you repaired your ship, you can go to space and visit other planets, but you cannot visit the station juuust yet. You have to construct a home, which is simple, make a cube, place the portal and call it a day

After doing said thing, you can try to do the following things which are really important later on:

Finding some burried caches

Some burried caches have illegal augmentations, and they can be sold for a handful amounts of nanites, and nanites is one of if not the most important thing youll need, since you will have to focus on buying hyderdrive modules for:

  • Further distance travelled.
  • Burning less fuel for each warp.

Finding a portal

I know it might sound useless to find one early on but hear me out:

Finding a portal early on can be a live saver, especially if you place a portal near one so once you get the first glyph, you can easily travel near the center.

Speaking of glyphs.

Finding lost travellers

Finding losts travellers are kind of difficult, but it is possible so dont get your hopes down.

Once you find one, ask for where they came from and go to their grave, you will find the first glyph which will be very important for later, and possibly a module that could help you

Unlocking the space anomaly

Of course, finding nanites isnt an easy job early on, unlocking the space anomaly can be a life saver since ares and helios can give you a handful amount of nanites to boost your progress

You can also research hyperdrive modules but like, who does that, everything is useless there.


This should have taken you about 3 hours or less depending on how good you are at the game, if it has taken you slightly more, then thats okay, I wont judge you.

Preparing warp cells

This section is pretty self explanatory, sure it might take some time but preparing atleast 10 cells early on is better than having to create one seperately, or you can beg on your knees to someone in the anomaly, if you are an ♥♥♥.

Heading out

Once you have glyph 1 and a portal found and charged up, you are ready to go.

Since you likely only have one glyph, you will have to insert glyph 1 over and over again, nothing else, this will bring you 5000 light years from the center of the galaxy, sure it takes a bit to travel but atleast you are not travelling 600 ♥♥♥ million light years.

Moving to the final star

Once you have teleported to said location, you will be 5000 light years away from the center of euclid.

Of course you will have to take flight and get to the star that you are required to go to move to the center of the galaxy.

The End

So, you have successfully not died until then and have reached the nessesary star to move to the center of the galaxy, im proud of you, just know that you will need full fuel on your hyperdrive module to go to the center of the galaxy.

You did it

Congratulations, you have achieved the easiest hardest achievement in the game in a very short amount of time, im proud of you.

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