DAVE THE DIVER – Ultimate GYAO Guide

Guide for every GYAO in the game.

Guide to GYAO


This is a basic breakdown on how to get each unique gyao. There is currently no reward to complete the collection, and some save reloading may be necessary for certain end goals. I would recommend stopping after you get five for the achievement. I did not personally go through every combination. If there is an error or you have an idea on how to improve the guide, let me know in the comments.

Initial Stages

  • The first stage is Roe. This stage lasts for only one time advancement. In this stage you are unable to interact with the egg.
  • The second stage is a hatchling, it lasts for one day.
  • The third stage is Fry and it also lasts one day. The care provided in this stage will determine whether you get an orange fish or a blue fish.
  • When evolution occurs, if the affection level is at 3-4 your fry will evolve into an Orange fish.
  • If the affection level is 0-2, a Blue fish will evolve. Food level has no effect on this evolution.
  • This stage will last for two days.

Main Evolution

This table entails the requirements for each orange fish evolution. For the boxes that are grey, it is a 50/50 chance to receive the top or bottom result. Each box that is not grey, gets a different result based on training level. The threshold for training is 9 bars. You get the top result if the training level is 9 or more, if it is less than 9, you get the bottom one. The levels shown are what you need the time slot before the evolution takes place, not what the resulting stats will be.

The blue fish table is similar. In the boxes with three options, the lemon shark is achieved at 9 or more training whereas 9 or less will end with a 50/50 chance for puffer or devil fish.

  • Beluga –> Whale shark if full affection when turning from 9 to 10 years old.
  • Lemon Shark –> Orca if full affection when turning from 12 to 13 years old.

If the requirements are not met at this age the gyao will die.


  • Each period of passing time lowers the food and affection level by 1.
  • “Feed” increases food by 1, “Snack” increases affection by 1, “Play” increases affection by 2 if successful.
  • The affection level can be manually lowered by 1 if you give them a shot when it is not needed. There is no way to manually lower food level
  • Your gyao will die if it is left with uncleaned poop or an illness for over a day.
  • Each in game day counts as one year for the gyao. Age will change between time slots in the slot after the one when it initially hatched. For example, if you hit revive in the morning, your gyao will age up between afternoon and night.
  • The best time to hit revive and start a new cycle is in the afternoon. This will ensure your final evolution takes place at night so you have the day to make alterations.
  • Discipline is required if your gyao has no apparent issues but there is still a notification. Each time you do it the level increases by 3.
  • Training can decrease if you miss the cue for it. As a result, if your gyao needs discipline at night the level will decrease the next day no matter what. This can make a big difference if your goal is max training. Make sure to turn off the light at night so you don’t mistake that notification as one for discipline.
  • Keeping a backlog of saves is important so you can reload if you get a gyao you don’t want or are at risk of losing training level.
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