Spelunky 2 – How to Dupe Back Items in Co-op

This guide explains how to dupe back items, like the jetpack and vlads cape, in multiplayer. It has certain quirks like giving infinite jetpack fuel.

Guide to Dupe Back Items in Co-op

How to Do the Dupe

How to be able to dupe

To be able to start the dupe, the item that you want to dupe has to be equipped on the second, third, or fourth player. You also have to enter a new level with them having said item equipped.

When you enter the level, give the back item to the first player. Have them equip it, walk into a corner, and crouch and drop the item. Have the player that gave them the item start repeatedly whipping as close to them as possible, while still not hitting them. Have both players spam whip and have player 1 unequip the back item if they equip it. You will know the glitch worked if player 1 is HOLDING the back item. Then, have player 1 give the back item back to player 2, 3, or 4, and player 1 will have a “ghost” version of the item on them, while player 2 has the real one. The “ghost” item will become a regular item upon exiting the level.

Demonstration video by me. Sorry for the slow gameplay, I did this by myself with 2 controllers.

Effects of Using the Glitch

  • The invisible jetpack has infinite flight IF the player with the visible one is standing on the ground. They cannot be holding onto a rope or midair. The most effective use for this is an extremely easy qilin skip.
  • Using the vlad’s cape, you can go out of bounds. Start by having the player with the fake vlad’s cape go into a back layer and start spamming jump. Then, have the player with the real vlad’s cape attempt to enter the back layer. They will start to fall through solid objects. This works the other way around (being noclipped in a back layer) by having the player with the visible cape entering the back layer, then having the person with the invisible one be in the main layer and spamming jump.
  • Make sure to stay in the level bounds, or else the game will crash.
  • I have not tested this, but the telepack supposedly syncs teleports between both players, so both players will teleport if one does.

Extra Information

If you have 3 or more players, then you can dupe items from multiple characters. For example…

  • Player 1 can dupe an item given to them by player 2, 3, or 4.
  • Player 2 can dupe an item given to them by player 3 or 4.
  • Player 3 can dupe an item given to them by player 4.
  • Player 4 cannot dupe any items, but can bring an item into the level for anyone.
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