No Man’s Sky – Aggressive Wing Interceptors

This is a catalog of clean “Aggressive Wing Interceptors”.


Hello, and once again thank you for visiting another of my catalogs’. In this catalog I will list the different “Clean Aggressive Wing” models I have encountered. Currently, these models seem to be “Rare”, though I have only really journeyed along a straight line path to the core of Euclid so I cannot be certain that they are in fact “Rare”. Until otherwise confirmed, we will refer to these as “Rare”.

What makes these models different is the “Exotic” like appearance. As I have taken to relating Interceptor models to models of normal ships, the closest similarity these models have is to “Exotic” ships. Meaning, they are small, just a cockpit and wings. In other words, these models are “clean”. I have found them in two cockpit styles; the compact front, and the “Blow fish” front.

The compact cockpit models I have taken to relating to birds.

The Blow Fish cockpit I have taken to relating to fish.

Euclid Glyphs

The following images are of the Interceptors I have found in Euclid. There are currently 2 Interceptor models here.

“Bluejay” is the first model I found in Euclid.

The “Clown Loach” features the “Blow Fish” cockpit.

Hilbert Glyphs

The following images are of the Interceptors I have found in Hilbert. Currently there is 1 Interceptor model listed.

“Akepa” is an Orange Aggressive Wing.

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