Lethal Company – L.M.S.G. (Lethal Man)

Who Is the Lethal Man?

The lethal man is an entity that resides in all moons that the ship can go to, lethal man reports while being rare have been increasing lately and evidence shows that He has gotten far more agressive.

It is therorized that He can travel between moons using an abandoned company ship, the original crew has never been located so it will be assumed they are gone, if you find their corpse or any scrap they left please collect it.

It resembles a humanoid worker but do not be fooled, it is anything but humanoid and it is NOT on your side. Now that we know what the lethal man is we will now demonstrate how to properly defend yourself from this foe.

How to Defend Yourself

First of all it is important to remember that there is safety in numbers, due to the lethal mans humanoid appearence it cannot survive a beating violent enough as a result it will normally attack one at a time and stalk its prey, be ever vigilant in dark rooms in corners, for your own sake. If a worker reports seeing a man in the room leave the planet, it is safer to waste a day then risk an encounter with the lethal man.

The lethal man is known to attempt to impersonate crew members though He does not speak, if one of your coworkers shows up and loses all verbal functions then that is not him, run as fast as you can.

If you hear any unatural and odd sounds leave the room immidiatly, this is a sign that the lethal man is preparing to strike, find any weaponry to defend yourseld incase you are able to see it and it is trying to attack you. If you hear any classical music specificlly that is a telltale sign that it is hunting, do not be in its vista as it will attack you until you perish or escape the moon.

It will run away if your crew all attack it with its shovel but it never truly dies, despite being beaten to death on multiple ocasions the lethal man reports keep showing up (a intermision to remind you that I do not normally write horror, if you want to blame someone blame the real lethal man not me) do not try to be a hero, your life of profit making is more important then causing harm to it.

The Pile

The victems of the lethal man are normally placed in a pile. Though viscous and gross the lethal man shows a great amount of attachment to the pile, the pile can vary in size and shape, it is not an immidiate sign that He is on the planet as it will normally patrol moons, having a different pile on all of them though if you do seen one be on high alert at all times.

Depicted above is an image of a miniscule pile created by Him.

Thank you for working at the company, we hope you can prevail and not fall victem to the lethal man.

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