Lethal Company – Useful Tips for Solo Players

How to Play Solo

You can play Lethal Company solo, if you like the whole aspect of the game; you can enjoy it solo. I mean, I do enjoy it solo, because its reminds me of exploring caves alone. its pretty creepy, but if the enemies that require 2+ players to get rid of wouldn’t spawn during solo runs it would be nice.

I suggest doing it coop then trying out solo to start.

Note: For single player playthrough you will definitely need to know the commands and terminal guide in Lethal Company game. We highly recommend this guide to read before playing!

It’s doable, and it can be fun if you enjoy running alone in the dark getting loot.

Useful Tips:

  • Get a pro flashlight immediately

Visibility absolutely helps and cases where you’ll need all four slots are neglible in terms of hauling in maximum money.

  • Go to Moons with good weather

Unless you like the challenge, of course. Or want to practice bad weather conditions to prep for multi.

  • If you die, leave the game before the ship leaves the world

This effectively restarts the level so you can try again and not lose loot/days

  • Pace your sales

Only sell as much as needed to meet a quota. Keep everything else in the ship.

This is good if you want to reach as many quotas as possible (overtime pay isn’t worth it long run, as someone pointed out, most purchasable gear is worthless to you as a solo).

Hope you have fun!

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  1. 2 at least I would recommend. You can play Solo what also works but currently you fastly would hit limits with it, how far you can come in this game, what you can explore and maps will get fastly repetitive. Coop and Storys that are made while playing together is quite the Main Experience which keeps the game interesting, exciting in Mid & long term.
    Singleplayer is quite dangerous – alone you are currently fragile, some simple enemys gonna be a real danger to only one guy – making it some kind of Hardcore mode.
    Currently this game definetely not focused and balanced on Singleplayer Experience.

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