Lethal Company – Guide to Dodge Monsters

How to Dodge Monsters

Note: Credit goes to Cracky | Onifans

Locusts: Run through them.

Birds: Ignore Them.

Baboon Hawks: Get a MIC! Scream at them! (or use a loud instrument)

Eyeless Dogs: Go sneaky and STFU (if you have a mic)

Hygrodere Slime: Don’t touch them, they ain’t Slimegirl Waifus.

Circuit Bees: Ignore them, or just grab the hive and leave it at the cockpit of the ship. Be fast AF BOI/GAL!

Bracken / Black Thing: They are Tsunderes, They sneak up at you when you aren’t looking, turn around and look at them till they walk away, then go back to your mission.

Forest Keepers: Go sneaky but as far as possible.

Worm: Look at ground earthquake, walk away

Snare Flea: Go to Steam Pipe or ask friend to use wepons!

Spider: Don’t disturb them? Whack or Jump Over Nest.

Mask: Don’t Wear Them. (Some guy named RIkku unfriended me because I wore it, over a game!)

Mimic: Just Walk Away or Run, literally no reason to be asking or screaming who is that, they are pretty slow, and also have a sprint meter.

Coils: Just stare at them and find the nearest exit.

Thumper: Run away from them or use boombox music to deny them away, they hate jazz, raggae and pop music.

Nutcracker: Stand Still, Nothing else. Then whack them, steal their gun and shoot them back.

Red Girl: Don’t look at them for more than 3 seconds, they will dissapear. You have 3 chances, Last one, they go happy go lucky skipping to your grave.

Turret: Whack them. Or just dodge bullets, matrix style.

Landmine: Use your ears. If you have no ears, look for beeping red lights or Radar Icons.

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