Lethal Company – Complete Lore

The complete Lethal Company lore. The game is still early access at the time I’m writing this, so this might change in the future! This guide will contain the complete bestiary and Sigurd logs!

The Bestiary

There are many creatures in the game and if you manage to scan them, you’ll get their bestiary entry. Here’s every beastiary entry in the game!

Bracken aka Flower Man!

  • Scientific name: Rapax-folium

It was flower man, you can’t say othrwise! i wanted to find his body .You were the cowards

There is debate on the genus to which the Bracken belongs. It is a bipedal vertebrate with skin the color and texture of a red beat. The name was coined for what appear to be leaves protruding from its upper spine. The purpose of these is believed to be for intimidation, however not much is known about the specifics of bracken behaviour due to its illusiveness and low population.

We know a little from accounts by wildlife experts who have encountered it. is a lone hunter with high intelligence. Its behavior can seem aloof; it exhibits high aggression even when unprovoked, yet it quickly backs off when confronted. However, brackens are known to up their hostility when cornered or simply watched for a long time. For this reason it’s recommended to keep an eye on it but not to stare it down. No specimens have been collected dead or alive. It’s theorized that upon death their bodies undergo a rapid decomposition process which is unique from other large animals.

Bunker Spiders

  • Scientific name: Mutinum-ficedula
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 20%

Bunker spiders, of the genus Theraphosa, are the largest arachnid found in the Thistle Nebula and the second largest ever discovered. It’s believed they evolved to prey on large mammals over the course of a measly several hundred years after the Boat made its trip around the Thistle Nebula. (Refer to: Speculation on Increased Speciation Around the Fading Nebulae)

Bunker spiders produce silk and lay it around their chosen nesting area, then wait for it to be tripped on. They can be seen waiting on walls, often over doorways where prey could enter unaware. If you find a bunker spider ‘unprepared’ it may freeze as a defensive reaction. In this case they are best left alone. If a bunker spider reacts aggressively, it is best not to fight with ordinary tools. They use their webs to make up for their rather slow movement, so take note of your surroundings. Their webs can be broken easily with any blunt tool.

Bunker spiders can pose a great danger to humans and urban explorers especially, without a great benefit to their ecosystems. A resulting kill-on-sight order has been informally agreed upon between many states home to the Bunker spider, and it is currently approved by the ITDA as of 10/6/2497.

Circuit Bees

  • Scientific name: Crabro-coruscus
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 90%

The circuit bee, also known as red bee, is a eusocial flying insect of the genus Apis, a descendent of the honey bee. Their appearance is quite recognizable from their hairy, red bodies and two sets of wings. Like their ancestors, they are well-known for their intelligent social BEEhavior, large colony size, building wax nests which they use to store honey, and their important role in pollination. Unlike the honey bee, which often chose high places such as trees to construct its hive, red bees create their hives on the ground.

Red bees are highly defensive. They will leave the nest to attack any creature that comes within several meters, leaving BEEhind only the queen and drone bees. This bold BEEhavior is enabled by their most defining aBEElity, which is their electrostatic charge. Red bees produce friction with the air. They also produce friction by rubbing their two pairs of wings against each other and by rubbing against one another while in the hive. What allows them to create such a surplus of electric field compared to the honey bee is still under research, as they generate a stronger electric field when panicked or angered. This ability is especially useful for them around water.

It’s BEEst to keep your distance. If a red bee hive is stolen, red bee swarms will enter an onslaught in which they attack any living creature. This destructive BEEhavior will last until they have located the hive or completely exhausted themselves, which can take hours to days. They have BEEn known to leave BEEhind fields of bodies of small rodents, insects and even some larger mammals, and in rare cases they can start fires. Their strong BEEnefits and drawbacks to their ecosystems are highly debated. BEEbated !! – the indomitable Sigurd


  • Scientific name: Vir colligerus
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 80%

Vir colligerus, or colloquially named Coil-heads, have not been studied extensively due to their extreme unpredictability and dangerous properties. They have been known to combust into flames when being dissected or even deactivated, and they carry dangerously high levels of radioactive particles. Due to this and other reasons, it has been highly speculated they were created as biological weapons of war, although this has not been proven.

Coil-heads’ visual appearance is that of a bloody mannequin with its head connected by a spring. Their defining behavioral characteristic is to stop when being looked at. However, this does not appear to be a hard-and-fast rule. When they encounter a loud or bright light they sometimes appear to enter a long reset mode.

Just stare at htem or use a stun grenade! – Sigurd

Earth Leviathan

  • Scientific name: Hemibdella-gigantis
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 2% cause they can’t hide from the ship cmaeras!!

The reverently named Earth Leviathan, of the family Piscicolidae, is one of the largest invertibrates found around the Thistle Nebula. None have been captured, so not much is known of their biology.

They seem to behave as predators. It’s speculated they can burrow as far as 40 meters underground, judging by the incredible excavations they can leave behind. They can detect even the slightest vibrations, and for this reason it’s not recommended to stay still if they are nearby; that is a myth. Instead, if you hear them burrowing, retrace your steps.

Eyeless Dog

  • Scientific name: Leo caecus

A large mammal of the class Saeptivus. They are social, hunting in very large packs. They have also been called “breathing lions” for their recognizable sound and large mouths. They are endurance hunters and attempt to make up for their lack of sight with their sense of hearing. It’s a popular myth that they often mistake the sounds of their own kind for prey, entering fights within their own packs.

Their behaviour is unique from other pack animals in their tendency to spread out far to cover distance. When an eyeless dog has found prey, it roars to alert others in the near vicinity, who will also sound the alarm, sometimes resulting in a kind of chain reaction. Eyeless dogs can be dangerous in swarms. However, they are characteristically clumsy, taking guesses at their prey’s exact location which are often incorrect.

Forest Keeper

  • Scientific name: Satyrid-proceritas
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 50%

Believed to share a common ancestor with rapax-folium, these behemoths are called Forest Keepers for the biomes they often inhabit. Their bodies bare markings on their front and back which mimic eyes–this trait is more helpful in their youth, as they are not agile. Their skin is a unique, dense material which hardens further throughout their lives; the large spikes and bumps across their bodies form as a result of aging.

It’s been said Forest Keepers exhibit a curious behavior similar to that of a human child the age of 5 or 6. They will eat anything they find fascinating. Forest Keepers don’t actually need to put anything into their mouths, and it’s theorized their main source of energy is a process similar to photosynthesis. Still, this makes them relatively dangerous to observe. They can see across long distances, so staying low and making use of cover is a must. They cannot enter small spaces and are not generally destructive, so stay close to shelter or overhangs.

Hoarding Bug

  • Scientific name: Linepithema-crassus
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 0%

Hoarding bugs (of the order Hymenoptera) are large, social insects. While often found living alone, they have been found to share their nests with members of their own species. They measure a height of 3 feet on average, with bulbous bodies. The thinness of their fluid and blood and the material of their carapaces contributes to their low weight, making them capable of flight with their membranous wings. It also makes their bodies somewhat transparent.

Hoarding bugs were given their name due to their territorial nature. Once they have chosen a place as their nest, they will seek to adorn it with any object they can find and will protect these objects as a part of the nest. Hoarding bugs are not so dangerous alone as they are in large hives. However, if left alone, hoarding bugs are surprisingly neutral and pose little danger. wWe love the stupid cuddle bugs.!! – tjhis has been a note from the indomitable Sigurd


  • Scientific name: Hygrodere
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 0%, if you’re faster than a snail!

A eukaryotic organism classified within the paraphyletic group Prostita. With the incredible speed of reproduction, these small organisms can multiply to millions. Hygrodere rarely split apart, instead choosing to form large, viscous masses which can take up large amounts of space and become a danger to deal with, requiring large tools or lures to relocate.

Hygrodere are drawn to heat and oxygen and can detect it from seemingly anywhere. There’s almost nothing organic they can’t convert to their own body mass. Nothing has been found to poison them. Constantly replacing themselves, they can persist for hundreds of thousands of years. If you ever find yourself cornered, find a tall object to stand on top of; hygroderes have trouble climbing. they have great taste! cause I made a friend with one somehow,, and we think it was my music.


  • Scientific name: Insaneus Thingus
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 90% Get out o fthere before it goes APE!! You cant hide from it, just evacuate

There’s No Freaking Scientific Record! good luck, you know as much as us. we just call it the jester

Lasso Man

  • Sigurd’s danger level: 30% but it kinda freaks me out

Roaming Locusts

  • Scientific name: Anacridium-vega
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 0%

Known as roaming locusts, this is a species of grasshopper. Unlike some species which are more prone to jump or fly, roaming locusts are almost never grounded and stay close together even when in smaller numbers. They will quickly disperse when a predator disrupts them but are highly attracted to light.


  • Scientific name: Quadrupes-manta
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 0%

Mantacoils are a passerine bird of the family corvidae. Their bodies are quite large compared to their early descendants, and their wingspan ranges from 55 to 64 inches. Their most defining characteristic is their set of four wings. Their back wings are mostly used to stabilize when at low speed, while their front two wings create the majority of lift. Their round bodies are a striking yellow but with black outlines or stripes along their primary (rear) feathers.

Manticoils mostly feed on small insects but can also feed on small rodents. They are highly intelligent and social. They pose little threat and have a generally passive temperament towards humans, although they are capable of transmitting Rabies, Rubenchloria, and Pitt Virus.

Spore Lizard

  • Scientific name: Lacerta-glomerorum
  • Sigurd’s danger level: i ,dont know probably 5% i just hate this pudgy legged little ♥.

Colloquially named puffers or spore lizards, Lacerta-glomerorum (of the family Alligatoridae) is one of the largest and heaviest reptiles. Despite their large mouths, they are herbivores and do not have a strong bite. The bulbs on their tails are believed to secrete a chemical which attracts and accelerates the growth of the fungus species Lycoperdon perlatum, which it can then shake to release spores as a defense mechanism–an unique example of a mutualistic symbiotic relationship.

Spore lizards have a very timid temperment, tending to avoid all confrontation if possible. If their attempts at threat display are not effective, they may attempt to attack, so it’s not recommended to corner or chase one. There are historical records that spore lizards were at least partially domesticated hundreds of years ago, however this effort was set aside by an initiative to harvest their tails for their medicinal properties.

Snare Flea

  • Scientific name: Dolus-scolopendra
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 30%

A very large arthropod of the class chilopoda. Its body produces a silk which it primarily uses to propel itself to places where it is concealed. Its exoskeleton is somewhat fragile, and they can die from long falls. The snare flea does not produce venom, nor does it have a strong bite. It makes up for this weakness with its ability to tighten itself around large prey to suffocate.

The snare flea thrives in dark, warm areas. It cannot survive low temperatures and generally avoids open air and sunlight take the rats outside or just beat the hell otu of them! i think their insides could make a good milkshake,,


  • Scientific name: Pistris-saevus
  • Sigurd’s danger level: 90%

Halves, or Thumpers, are a highly aggressive, carnivorous species of the order Chondrichthyes. Their skeletons are cartilaginous, giving their bodies a stretchy and rubbery quality. Their name comes from the fact they must eat their bottom legs in order to escape the shell of their hatched egg; their bottom legs are hardly functional to begin with. Their arms, or front legs, are very strong, and they occasionally use them to stomp prey. They can reach great speeds in a straight line.

They are relentless hunters, typically at the top of their food chain. Their main weaknesses are their intelligence and complete lack of hearing. If you come across a thumper, your best means of survival are leaving its line of sight, as it is slower around corners and can’t easily track prey.

Due to the fast and volatile evolution of this species, some theorize that thumpers are one of the examples of an increased number of mutations causing higher levels of speciation in planets around the Thistle Nebula.

Sigurd Logs

Here are all the Sigurd logs! The story goes: Sigurd and his brother Desmond get a job at the Company and Sigurd writes these stupid logs that i have to painstakingly transpire here…

First Log – Aug 22

  • Date: August 22, 1968

Hello. i am writing this log to keep myself sane. I couldnt find a way to do the most basic thing on this old janky butt computer so I had Desmond add it in, the log feature. til now ive just been adding my own notes to the bestiary whatever i know. My brother said i should keep a journal so im doing what i can! I am writing in a proffessional manner, as these logs could become a historical record, as they will projbably be here for years, just as long as there isnt a clean wipe. that is what desmond saidfd

If you are reading it in the future, you are probably from a nother crew. The turnover rate here is enormous, maybe cause this job sucks and every one turns over dead! Maybe I can give some help when I have some expirience. End log.

Oh, our names are: Sigurd (me), Richard, Desmond, Jess.

Smells here! – Aug 24

Gosh, this suit is squeezing me like I’m a gosh damn mummy! im a grown man, give it some space between the legs! it’s killing me i’m dying! i hope youre happy dad, I FINALLY got a job. screw you! Everyone here smells. especially Rich. I’m going to throw him in the lake. I don’t care what it’s made of. i love being on camera duty. oh

I forgot the date it’s August 24, 1968. this keyboard has dsadjilfasqt..f/g;

Today we found a couple frying pans and a big nail. Worth almost nothing. what is the company even using it for

Swing of things – Aug 27

We got in the “swing of things” the past few days. thats what Rich keeps saying, he smells like a rancid tuna can. worst summer camp I’ve ever been o n. Date is August 27, 1968.

We make sure someone always has a shovel for bashing anything that moves, and we always put someone on “camera duty” so they can open these big security doors with letters and numbers. ask Desmond the wizard how that works, I think he just types in the code thats on the door

Thats it. We sold some goods to the company today at 70% value. i got m y nerves chilled listening to the ♥ Pyschotic soundfs behind the counter. No one else gave any. ??

Cant ignore that! my flashlight didn’t even go back there, the beam just went dark.

Golden planet – Aug ??

I talked ot a voice on the walkie talkie, it was like a part of the screams. he told me the Golden planet actually existed, its not a legend. and he told me it didn’t just hit a meteor. He said the planet was swallowed up by the “beast”, and they were in its body being diggested. i asked what the beast is, and he said he didnt know!. he said it ate the planet and they forgot everything.

I couldnt get him to stop talking. but i said he was on the other side of a big wall and i could get him out. i said he was inside the building. and thats when he started freaking out/. i couldn’t make out a word, I think he said something about “spitting out the rinds” So i just turned it off. what a wack

Jess says the golden planet is just a story. I said I KNOW, I’m not an idiot. Well she said i should quit, and she quits if i do. so she s staying

Shady – Aug 31

Date is August 31, 1968. i got camera duty again, i hate walking on this moon anyway. ahah jokes on them it, just started raining!!! Im just sitting. cant sleep on these tiny beds for ants

Ive been thinking a lot. i think this job is shady. If youre reading this you probbably got here the same as me. the pay is good, the contract only lasts a season. they ran you through their “assessmennt exam” on the phone with a weird voice. you signed the contract on the shuttle with the rest of your crew. But the whole time you didnt talk to anyone. The shuttle was autopiloted, I think the voice on the phone was fake. I;ve had the wrost dreams, I think I just want to go back home. but im not gonna crawl home, crying and scratching on dad’s front door. thats not his son. thats not Sigurd!

Sound behind the wall – Sep 4

  • Date: Septermber 4, 1968

I got woken up early this morning because we were going to the company building to sell our useless garbage. The rate was 120% which Desmond says is rare and he didnt want to miss it, hes been watching it like the stupid stocks.

It still sucks here, Rich still smells like a piece of hsit .i can barely sleep. i heard the wrorst sound behind the wall of the company building, it sounded like crying red faces all churned up and swept away by concrete, like the pestle and bowl my mom crushes up her seeds and spices in. i still hear it. Its a nightmare. no one else heard it. they dont know what to do. Jess thinks i;m “home sick,” no im sick of this cheap suit

Goodbye – Sep 7

We left behiind Rich. we just had one room to check and then we could be done for the day, i couldnt get the door open. And then i looked and Rich wasnt there. It was the ♥ wrinkly skin flower head man that walks on two legs! it turned his neck. i heard the crack but he wasnt there. I wanted to find Rich even if he was dead, but they are cowards!

Their faces are blank like idiots, theres nothing moving in their stupid skulls, all they wanted to do is leave. they were going to leave me too. we all hated Rich but we didnt want this. this isnt worth it, its just not worth it. we got a pair of scissors, a box full of stamps and a bundle of cords to sell for nothing. its not wort h it, what does the company even want it for?

The date we last saw Rich is September 7, 1968

Screams – Sep 13

  • Date: September 13, 1968

For some reason i was the one who had to call the company number to report the acciddent. they were too scared to do it. It was the same fake voice i remember from the interview on the phone at home and the stupid training videos. but it heard what i said i think, cause it said they would contact the family and find a replacement and something e lse. It talked so fast.

I learned you can hear the screams all the time in the walkie talkie when you;re at the wall of the Company building. they didnt believe me, well now they do. It sounds just like when i heard it a couple weeks ago. They want to quit. I said I’m not a coward. I just got this job

Idea – Sep 19

  • Date: September 19, 1968

The past weekend it feels like Desmond and Jess woke up. we;re supposed to get our fourth member of the crew in a few days. We arent taking any risks anymore, we dont get as much but it feels safer, and ive gotten better sleep. but its still ass. i can still smell Rich i swear to gosh he smelled that bad

I was talking about how the voice on the phone sounded fake. Then Desmond got this weird idea. he’s the wizard and all so he thinks theres a way to use the phone call i made to the company number to find ourt where the voice comes from. i dont know why hed want to do that but he seems serious. He;s been using the terminal a lot.

Nonsense – Sep 27

  • September 27, 1968

Desmond wants me to writ e down what we figured out and keep my “nonsense to a minimum”. So im going to put SO MUCH of my non sense. screw him. The new crew member is named Lucas and he is so confused and scared a ll the time, what a baby, at least he doesnt smell like a monster.

Its been so sunny even though its september, and these suits dont take it well

Ok so desmond “traced the call” and found out theres a group of people somewhere else that pretends to call us from the company building. they are across the whole solar system !! why would they be so far away.

Desmond says he doesnt know, but i think. What if there really is a big monster in the company building like the voice told me on the wlakie talkie? They trapped it, and we feed it to keep it tame. i just wanted a stupid job!

Hiding – Sep 30

  • September 30, 1968

I keep having bad dreams about the Company building where the Company breaks out of that giant concrete wall. But i dont know if it looks like anything, i just think its really big and fast. We cant figure out a way to know if the voices on the phone are real, desmond says its too far away. i asked him if he could ttake control of the autopilot and he said im crazy and that could kill us. yes i am crazy desmond

He says we would have to get our own private flight to go to the cordinates, and who knows what would actually be there. So, what if its nothing?

I started wondering how i cant remember how we really got here, no I just remember little things like the shuttle flight to the building where we signed our contracts. But i dont remember getting on the shuttle, i dont even remember saying bye to dad. in my dreams it feels like the company isnt trapped in there at all, its just hiding. I dont know if im going home

Desmond – Oct 15

Desmond. October 3, 1968. I am encrypting these logs to keep them hidden, as I fear the system will be wiped if they are found. It’s all a guise. We’re supposed to think it’s all just a transaction, but our real job is keeping an incredible terror fed. How long until its fullness ends and its hunger is insatiable? God knows, maybe it has to do with all these desolate moons. Whoever reads this, I am sorry to burden you with this. Please have a good day and night–as what else is there for us to do?

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