Lethal Company – Controllers Guide

Want to know if your controller works? My guide is just an info guide nothing more!

Xbox Controllers

  • X: Pickup items
  • B: Drop/ Store (Moving Objects Mode)
  • A: Jump
  • Y: Picking up/Dropping Ship objects (Move Objects Mode) Working on the ship only
  • Left Shoulder: Rotation (Moving Objects Mode)/ Zooming (Reading like the Clipboard or Walkie-Talkies)
  • Right Shoulder: Scan
  • Left Trigger: Sprint (Hold)
  • Left Stick: Move
  • Right Stick: Look
  • Right Stick Click-in: Crouch
  • Dpad Right and Left: Inv Select Right and Left
  • Dpad Down: Turn on Walkie-Talkie

Only Reading Mode

  • Dpad Up And Down: Page Up and Down

Not In Used Buttons

  • Left Stick Click-in

Missing Commands

  • You can’t Emote or Point with this Controller

PlayStation Controllers (DualSense & DualShock 4)

  • L1: Rotation (Moving Objects Mode)
  • L2: Sprint
  • R2: Use/Attack (With Weapon)
  • R1: Scan
  • TRIANGLE: Pickup/Moving Ship Objects (Moving Objects Mode) Works only in the ship
  • SQUARE: Pick Up Items
  • CIRCLE: Drop Items (Not Ship Items) / Stores (Moving Objects Mode)
  • X: Jump/Select (Menu)
  • R3: Crouch
  • Left Stick: Move
  • Right Stick: Look
  • DPAD Down: Turn on Walkle-talkie (When Holding It In Your Hands)
  • DPAD Right And Left: Inv. Right And Left Select

Reading Items

  • Dpad Up And Down: Page Up And Down
  • L1: Zoom In And Out! This works with walkie-talkies too.

Buttons Not In-Use

  • L3

Missing Commands

  • No Emoting or Pointing
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