Lethal Company – All Monsters Guide

Brief guide describing all enemies and how to deal with them.

Guide to All Monsters

Note: Credit goes to ブロックには多すぎる

Baboon Hawk

  • Make lots of noise, usually more of a nuisance than a threat.
  • They will attack if there is a group of 2 of them and you are alone.
  • They will also attack other monsters if they outnumber them.


  • Very fast, nearly a one shot if chasing you down, otherwise a guaranteed one shot, will always try to sneak behind you while in its default (stalking) mode to snap your neck.
  • If you look at it, it will try and hide, if it stays in your vision for too long it becomes aggro and will chase you down until you are out of range or if it is actively dragging a dead body off to it’s lair, leaving a blood trail.
  • Following the blood trail will bring you to the lair but stepping into it’s lair will immediately aggro it.
  • It is possible to lock brackens down by staring into it’s only escape / movement route, they will never walk into your vision while hunting.
  • Only 1 bracken spawn at a time.
  • It is possible to flash grenade / stun gun + shovel to kill a bracken, generally not worth the risk because they do a lot of damage and are very fast.

Bunker Spiders

  • Generally non aggressive, will not attack unless you get very close.
  • Will also attack if you break a web with a shovel or walk into a web.
  • Pretty slow, easily can outrun.
  • Ankle biters – you can camp a ledge and kill these pretty easily.
  • When they kill + cocoon a player the body becomes unrecoverable.

Circuit Bee

  • Aggro onto you if you get close enough to an occupied hive.
  • Only aggros to closest player.
  • If it’s hive is taken by the time it is done chasing a player they stay enraged and fly around the map at high speeds until they get within range to aggro a player


  • Chase you down unless you stare at them.
  • Very fast.
  • Can open doors but kinda inconsistent.
  • Indestructible – do not try boxing these things.

Earth Leviathan

  • Right before coming up from the ground and swallowing players there will be rumbling + groaning, and then rocks/gravel will appear.
  • If you drop everything and sprint in any direction you will be safe, but the earth leviathan targets slightly ahead of you in the direction you were heading.
  • Not 100% sure if noise plays a factor in whether or not you are targeted, seems to not matter?
  • Can attack anywhere that is not a building / facility / ship, if you are up on a rock it can still attack.

Eyeless Dog

  • Completely blind only hears sound (people talking to you on the walkie does not make noise).
  • If you do not make any noise on the microphone + crouch they will never attack you.
  • When noise is heard they inaccurately charge the direction.
  • Can get on the ship.
  • If you crouch too closely to them, even if they are not facing you, they will snap to you and one-shot you, their hitbox is also wonky, try to give more distance than you’d think
  • You can kill them, usually not worth trying, they are too fast and do too much damage.

Forest Keeper

  • Very good sight – try and keep behind cover.
  • They can still hear you.
  • They can grab you from outside the door to the ship.
  • They will camp main entrance on titan.
  • Players being eaten can be tp’d if timed right to avoid death.

Ghost Girl

  • Selects one player to haunt, only that player can see the girl.
  • Will show up and watch you, running into it for the first time is fine and make it go away for a bit.
  • Ghost girl will continue to haunt you until the mission ends.
  • After some time after the haunting starts it will begin hunting you and will skip at you until you are dead.
  • Not 100% sure if ghost girl can get on the ship, I know for sure they can show up outdoors if they already began haunting you.
  • Indestructible.
  • There is no counterplay when the skipping starts, just run.

Hoarding Bug

  • Generally non aggressive, will begin flying and becomes aggroed if:
  • You have an item it wants and you have not dropped it.
  • You are very close to it / cornered it and it has no where to run to.
  • You are near it’s hoard.
  • It is usually a good idea especially if you have a stun gun or flash grenade to kill them before they become a nuisance later.


  • Very slow moving, doesn’t do much damage.
  • Cannot open doors but it can cross parkour jumps.
  • Ankle-biters, although you can’t kill them you can take a ledge to avoid all risk.
  • You can pretty easily jump over the slime to get around it if you need to.
  • Best to lock these in a room when you find them so they don’t cause issues when more dangerous enemies show up.
  • Indestructible.


  • When you first find it, it will be in the box mode – it will mimic your movements, it locks onto you, does not need to see or hear you.
  • After around 30 seconds it will begin winding up, after it is done winding up it will go into out of the box mode.
  • In out of the box mode it moves extremely fast, will one-shot you, and it will always know where you are.
  • If all players exit the jester will go back to in the box mode (with a shorter wind-up time? Unconfirmed).
  • Ankle biter – you cannot kill it but you can bait it to a ledge to let everyone else escape and get tp’d out.
  • Indestructible.


  • Birds found outside.
  • Do literally nothing.

Roaming Locusts

  • Bugs found outside.
  • Do literally nothing.

Snare Flea

  • Hide on ceilings, will drop and cling to your head muffling your voice.
  • The snare flea will not move you – it is best to stand still when you get snared so teammates can save you and also so you don’t jump into danger.
  • Upon being snared you will drop all of your items, you can actually pick them back up, if you have a shovel you can get the snare flea off your own head and kill it.
  • If you go through a main entrance or fire escape the snare flea will drop off your head.

Spore Lizard

  • Least threatening enemy in the facility.
  • Will never attack you unless you attack first or corner it.
  • Does very little damage with it’s bite, shoots out pink fog that does no damage.


  • Start charging slow, become progressively faster – do a lot of damage.
  • They can jump gaps and open doors consistently and easily.
  • Ankle biters – very easy to deal with if you can locate a ledge.
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