Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Tips for Skill Maxing

Useful Tips for Skill Maxing

For all resource skills, just use your Homestead. Level it up to tier 5. Because of the way the cross save system works you can save next to the first tree in the area, chop it, then immediately load the save, chop it again and repeat until you have enough wood for the upgrades.

Same for stone for the other buildings. Similarly if you buy an upgrade and then load your game, you keep the coin you spent.

Once you have the back mountain maxed out, it will have all of the highest-tier resource nodes in the game (in fact, it has every tier of resource node), and no enemies to slow you down. You can also immediately teleport there from almost any location in the game.

So simply go to the inn in the nameless village, recruit the inkeeper to your party so you can rest for free, and just keep harvesting/sleeping (it takes about 3 days sleeping to refresh the highest tier nodes).

Also recruit the blacksmith from the villiage so you can buy tools directly from him in your party.

It really really helps if you have the Wholesome trait on character creation for 300 max stamina, there

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