Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Recruit from Both Factions: Melody House and Jiuli Tribe

How to Recruit from Both Factions

First you need to go to Jiuli Tribe. To unlock the location before going to that area of the map you need to talk to the girl in the garden at the Maiden House. Then when you go to the Juili Tribe you need to enter combat and run past the guards then retreat before the first turn ends. This will get you past the guards.

Then you need to find the recruitable companion and get her to 100 opinion and also do a quest to cure her disease. The cure is in a cave to the left. You need to use animal taming to feed a lizard until it gets to 100 opinion and then it will transform into a poison lizard. Then kill it and get the cure.

Then go back to the companion and cure her. You then need to get her to 100 opinion. Recruit her and take her to the marriage shrine but you don’t marry her here. She tells you that Juili Tribe has their own marriage location back at the tribe.

So go back and she’ll get you past the guards and then go to the right to a guarded path and she’ll get you past that guard too. Then there’s a big shrine. With 100 opinion you’ll have dialogue where you choose to marry her or be friends. You need to marry her. Marrying her removes her from the tribe faction. First you fight a bunch of snakes. Then you fight the tribe leader and then get kicked out.

Now go to the courtyard and help the Melody House people. After helping them you can get into Melody house.

This next part is very important. To recruit the 2 recruits in Melody House you need to do the whole Melody House questline with less than 60 musical skill. Over 60 she won’t let you recruit them and will give you musical goodies instead.

Now you need to fight the Juili Tribe who invaded the main building. Then after dialogue you get asked to leave for 3 days. Go meditate or whatever and go back in. After some dialogue you get asked to go to the Juili Tribe and rescue a Melody House member. So go fight your way to her and talk to her. She’s at the Juili marriage shrine.

It’s very important that you don’t go into the main building and kill the Tribe leader. The next mission from Melody House is to wipe out the Juili Tribe so you need them still alive. Then, assuming your musical skill is less than 60, you can recruit the 2 companions.

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