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Frequently Asked Questions

What new content are you adding to Stronghold: Definitive Edition?

As well as upgrading the visuals (Art & Animations), implementing bug fixes and player-requested Quality of Life improvements (such as Higher Unit Caps, Rally Points and much more), we’ve also added a new 14 mission narrative campaign ‘The Jewel Campaign’, a 10 mission Castle Trail (these new castles will also be added to ‘Siege Mode’), Multiplayer Support and Workshop Support for Custom Maps. You can find a non-exhaustive list of all the changes and upgrades we’re launching with here.

Will Stronghold: Definitive Edition have a Skirmish Mode?

No. Stronghold: Definitive Edition sadly will not include a Skirmish Mode. This mode was not in the original game and retrofitting/backporting all the Skirmish related code and features from Crusader to DE is tricky. Unfortunately, it is simply not possible to accomplish within the timeframe we have to develop and release this game. We’re a very small team, with the majority of our staff working on “Stronghold: Unreal” at the moment. We have a single coder working on DE (the coder who worked on the original game) so we’re limited in what time and resources we have.

We’re often asked ‘what about adding it in a future update then?’. Honestly our focus is currently on getting SH:DE out on time with the best possible feature set, at which point we will assess our future goals, resources and projects with the team. But we do not recommend buying this game with a mindset of ‘Skirmish Mode is very likely to come in a later update’, because that is not the case.

What’s the price of Stronghold: Definitive Edition?

The price of Stronghold: Definitive Edition will be €14.99EUR, $14.99USD, £12.99GBP.

Will you be implementing Mod support?

No. Workshop support is currently planned to extend to Custom Maps only.

Will you be adding bigger maps?

While bigger maps are on our wishlist for Stronghold games generally going forward, at the moment we can’t confirm it for a project like DE. This is due to the way that tiling is handled within the older games. Put simply: DE won’t be launching with bigger maps on November 7th, but we are still investigating whether we can add them down the line in a future update.

Will you be increasing the army size?

Definitely. In fact we already have doubled not only the number of units but also the number of buildings as well.

Will there be post launch support?

Absolutely. We are happy to say that Stronghold: Definitive Edition will have a robust series of content updates subsequent to the launch of the game. Please watch our Roadmap Youtube video to get the full lowdown.

Will Stronghold: Definitive Edition be available on mac, mobile, or console?

No. We sadly currently have no plans to bring Stronghold: DE to these formats.

I want the Old Scribe back!

The Scribe’s redesign has been a hot topic within the core Stronghold community since our reveal and I am pleased to say we will be including an upscaled version of the original advisor as an option at launch. The original model sadly wasn’t retrievable when developing DE due to an old plugin no longer working. In response to this we went with our redesign to match the improved user interface, BUT we’re happy to meet you halfway. So we’ll be including an upscaled version of the classic Scribe as an option in the game settings.

Can I add my old Stronghold maps into the Stronghold DE Steam workshop?

Yes. Open Stronghold: Definitive Edition, go to Game Options and click on the “Open Settings Folder”. Copy any of your .map files into the /Maps directory. By doing so, you can now edit your maps in the Stronghold: Definitive Edition map editor, and Upload them to the Steam workshop.

Can I play my old save games in Stronghold: Definitive Edition?

Yes. Open Stronghold: Definitive Edition, go to Game Options and click on the “Open Settings Folder”. Copy any of your old .sav files into the /Saves directory. You can now play your old saves through “Load Game” in Stronghold: Definitive Edition

Are there any cheats for Stronghold: Definitive Edition?

Yes. You can unlock campaigns, allow free buildings, give yourself some free gold and more by going into the “Chicken” menu in Game Options. Please note, however, that using any of these cheats will stop you from earning achievements for that session.

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