Lethal Company – How to Maximize Profit

A simple and straightforward guide to rake in scap and meet quota.

Pre Game Work

Please keep in mind that I am not saying this is objectively the correct way to play. Frankly this game is at its best when people are not taking it too seriously. If this guide helps you make 1 or 2 more quotas then I consider it successful.

The first thing you should try to acquire is one person who is in the HQ role (someone who stays back in the ship on the terminal). Even if you don’t have walkie-talkies or some way to communicate I personally believe that the game was made to have one person back at the ship.

Benefits of having an HQ:

  • If everyone dies inside, you don’t loose any scrap left in the ship
  • Some turrets are downright unmanageable with no way to disable them
  • Access to the teleporter as a way to near guarantee retrieve corpses or save teammates
  • Can potentially open up locked passageways that contain loot
  • Can potentially lock off threats or prevent death by closing a door during a chase
  • With communication the Bracken becomes far easier to manage and you can inform players about scrap they missed

Benefits of having 4 players go inside:

  • 25% more carrying capacity (but if all of you die you loose any scrap you’ve banked)

Now sometimes you will need that 25%, but in most circumstances the trade off and the risk is just not worth it in my opinion.

Additionally if you want to go for high quota runs you should always have 4 players. The quota does not scale based on player count. Obviously the better the players the better your average haul.

Picking a Moon (as of VER45)

Not all moons are created equal some are far better than others, here is the system I use to pick a moon in lethal.

  1. Can you afford to go to Dine or Rend with no modifier and have a teleporter?
  2. Can you go to Assurance with no, or the rain modifier?
  3. Does your group feel comfortable going to Assurance with the flooded modifier?
  4. Can you afford to go to Titan with no modifier and have a teleporter?
  5. Does Offense have no modifier?
  6. Does Experimentation have no modifier?
  7. Does Vow have no modifier?

Now since it’s so expensive to go to one of the hard moons you should try to stay there as long as possible (one game we stayed at Dine through 2 eclipses). Keep in mind that variety is the spice of life feel free to mix it up, but generally I almost always avoid stormy and eclipsed unless we can’t meet quota.

Some of you may wonder why Assurance is so popular in this ranking, and why March is not even an option. This is because in my opinion Assurance is by far the best non-hard map and March is the worst map and it’s not even close.

To sum it up Assurance has an average spawn rate of 15 scrap with a map modifier of 1. It is a complete outlier as experimentation and vow have 10-12 average. It basically has as much scrap as an intermediate map. March has a similar scrap level to Assurance and Offense but it has a map modifier of 2. This means that it is on average 2 times more spread out, not to mention the giants that roam around.

What about Bee Farming?

Bee farming is a great way to make some extra money, and is why some people really like March. It has the highest hive spawn rate by a wide margin. In my opinion the monster threat level and map modifier is not worth it but ultimately as long as you are having fun it makes no difference to me.

Moons with hives and spawn chances:

  • March: 35.29%
  • Vow: 26.75%
  • Assurance: 21.39%
  • Experimentation: 14.86%

Many people suggest to wait before farming hives so that way there aren’t killer bee swarms going around, as that is a very good way to piss off your teammates. However I would like you to consider that it might be best to do it earlier in the day.

At March and Vow you will have to deal with giants at night and at Assurance you will have to deal with dogs. So what if instead you were to use the solo method to bring the hive closer to the ship, dropping the hive, then when the group is all done inside you can pick up the hives and leave.

The only downside to this is that it the buzzing created for HQ but it reduces your risk of dying.

General Best Practices

This is very common but please bring items outside if all your slots are full and then go back in.

Most people know this but if you wait till day 0 of quota you will get full 100% of your value.

Scanning doesn’t really have a downside. Try scanning around rooms you are looting you might find something you missed.

A personal pet peeve of mine, please wait to pull the Apparatus. It severely limits what HQ can do to help you, increases monster spawns, and makes it hard for others to find their way out and find scrap. You should probably wait till around 4:00pm or so before you pull it, that way you give yourself enough time to get out while reducing the danger level. Fun fact a walkie turned on at the start of the level at half charge is 3:30pm.

Try to maximize the amount of scrap you get in the ship before 6:30pm. This is when the monster spawning rate has a sharp increase.

Always make sure to have the proper equipment you need for a mission. When you return to the company building to sell, also buy what you need. A good group has a nice stock of flashlights, walkies, shovels, and ladders if you are using them. If you don’t know how much to get get 4 (except for ladders you only need like 2 max).

You only need to ring the bell at the company building till the door opens. Any more will just make him mad.

If you are $15 short off quota you can turn in your friends corpses (preferably beaten with a shovel) for $5. You will be fined but it’s better than loosing.

In general only keep 1 or 2 items you bought from the store on your person. You want to maximize how much scrap you can grab. If you see something particularly valuable but it’s getting late consider dropping your walkie or flashlight.

While on the topic of the store check daily for sales. Stock up on items for the future if they are on sale today.

Finally the best way to get better is to play the game. So get out there and have some laughs while being scared (unless your a lazy HQ main).

Thank you for reading this guide best of luck to you on meeting those quotas.

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  1. Thus, I’ve been playing with a positive mindset. I always have one or two people in the lobby, so I designate one person as headquarters and the other or others as explorers. I also make sure that each of us has a flashlight and two walkie talkies. If we can manage it, a teleporter after the first qoata.

  2. If you don’t intend to go to rend, dine, or titan, you risk losing money if you’re only $15 short of your quota and spend it all on the company moon.

  3. It is true that scanning makes you more invisible to the ghost girl and increases your insanity meter, which is a drawback. Consider that scanning, witnessing corpses, being by yourself, in the dark, and in the presence of monsters all contribute to an increased insanity meter.

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