Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Beginners Tips

Basic Tips

  • Feel free to pick up everything you find. If you’re too heavy, give excess cargo to your pawns. Being encumbered slows you down, decreases stamina recovery, and makes stamina deplete faster.
  • Items are plentiful and heavy. Use item storage at inns frequently. Deposited items are accessible everywhere else for convenience.
  • Certain items are only available for harvest at specific times of day.
  • Pawns will use curatives automatically when low on health or afflicted with a status effect.
  • Support pawns’ items go to your storage when they leave, so no worries about losing items if they die or get dismissed without checking inventory.
  • Look out for Golden Trove Beetles—they’re large and glow. Use them to permanently increase carrying capacity.
  • Always carry a lantern, especially underground or at night. Refill oil when it flickers or dims. Relight it after getting wet. Pawns can use lanterns too.
  • Need more of an item? Try making a forgery. Some NPCs offer item copying services. Not everything can be copied, and magical properties can’t.
  • Trust your intuition with forgeries for quest turn-ins.
  • Combine items in your inventory for emergencies. Enlightenment augment can create extras for free.
  • Some items expire, so use or combine them. Aged items have uses too; recycle them into lantern oil, for example.
  • Don’t sell items unless you need cash. Strange items might be quest objectives or ingredients for combinations or upgrades.
  • The game lacks a hide helmet option, but some headgear has a “raise visor” option to reveal your face.
  • If you hold the button for gathering, your avatar will continue the action until the resource is depleted.
  • If you lose maister scrolls you can find em at forgers.
  • When you sell valuable items, some of them has the description ‘scarcely seen in Battahl/Vermund’. That means you can sell more than triple amount of gold in the corresponding area.
  • Sleep at inns in Melve or Harve, the fee there is dirt cheap at 1500 gold.
  • Once you start playing Thief go to East Vermum and look for the village hidden in the mists.

Where to buy newt liquour?

Here are the locations:

  • In the magick archer’s meister house.
  • Fruit wine is given by brandt, anf is likely to be given to you at least once while you progress brant’s main quests.
  • The forbidden magic lab has one.
  • There’s also a guy near the palace in Bakbattahl who sells one for 2000g.

Exploration, Questing, and Combat Tips

  • Save often. Nothing’s worse than getting halfway across the map and getting pounced on by a chimera because you took a wrong turn.
  • The game is designed with one saved character, but it has two save “slots” serving different purposes. The first is a general save that autosaves when entering areas or completing quests. The second is a checkpoint save, occurring when resting at an inn/campfire or entering a rift stone. If you mess up or want to retry, restart from a checkpoint.
  • Try different vocations to unlock beneficial augments. This applies to your pawn as well.
  • Avoid traveling at night early in the game. Visibility is low, and deadly beasts roam.
  • When damaged, your health bar decreases. Healing magic and curative items recover the light gray part, while sleeping at an inn or camp recovers the empty part.
  • Regularly rest at inns or campfires to restore health and upload pawn data, also advancing game time to dawn or evening.
  • Day lasts 32 minutes; night lasts 16 minutes. Each in-game hour is 2 minutes, making a full day 48 minutes.
  • Sitting in a chair makes 6 hours pass if you don’t want to rest.
  • Always carry a camping set. They’re not consumed on use but can be lost if ambushed.
  • Defeated enemies respawn after more than a day.
  • You have infinite stamina in safe areas like towns.
  • You can’t swim in deep water. Falling into the Brine doesn’t harm the Arisen but returns pawns to the Rift. Monsters die instantly in it.
  • Weapon enchantments are useful; Fire and Holy are versatile.
  • Charge advanced spells/skills by holding the basic version’s charge beyond the initial threshold.
  • Manage stamina; running out leaves you vulnerable.
  • Status effects are potent against bosses.
  • Detonate explosive barrels or throw them at enemies.
  • Explore hidden areas for Seeker’s Tokens, which offer rewards at guild halls.
  • Destroy wooden bridges to gain combat advantages, but be cautious.
  • Interact with NPCs to increase affinity, unlocking benefits.
  • Give gifts to NPCs; they like specific items.
  • NPC opinions are influenced by your treatment of their associates.
  • Revive dead NPCs within a time limit, or they’re gone forever.
  • If you kill the drake using the ballista at the top of the tower in melve you get a nasty spear.
  • If you die mid battle, open up your inventory fast then use any healing items to restore health back, can keep doing it for ever.


  • Quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 come with a few key features. Firstly, there’s no limit to the number of quests you can undertake simultaneously. Some quests, marked by an hourglass icon, have time limits and expire if not completed promptly. It’s wise to prioritize these.
  • Characters follow schedules, so if someone isn’t where you expect them to be for a quest, look around. Quest availability may vary depending on the time of day.
  • If a pawn in your party has completed a quest you’re on, they’ll offer help with a hand icon next to their name. They’ll guide you if you give them the “Go!” command. However, you’re free to tackle quests independently, as many offer multiple solutions with different outcomes.
  • If you’re stuck, consider hiring a pawn knowledgeable about your quest from the rift. Alternatively, seek guidance from diviners or oracles in main cities. Their advice can be helpful, although vague responses may indicate multiple options for completing or failing the quest.

Grappling, Climbing, Pushing and Pulling

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, fighting involves grabbing, climbing, pushing, and pulling. Grappling means holding onto enemies to weaken them and stop them from moving. Your energy goes down while grappling, but heavier enemies use less energy. Some foes need to be knocked down before you can grab them. You can also push or pull bigger enemies to throw them off balance. Surprisingly, you can even grab flying Harpies by their legs to control where they go a bit.

Climbing lets melee fighters get to weak spots or specific parts of big monsters. Like grappling, climbing uses up your energy and monsters may try to shake you off. How fast you climb depends on what type of fighter you are and how big your character is. You can also jump off and grab on again to climb higher, but it’s hard if the monster is moving a lot.

When you climb, you can aim for different body parts to get advantages. For example, hitting a Cyclops’ arms can make it drop what it’s holding, and burning a Griffin’s wings stops it from flying. Some enemies, like the Chimera, have different heads you can attack to stop them from doing certain things. While you’re holding onto a monster, you can do light attacks or even stand on top of it to use stronger moves, but be careful not to fall off.

If you climb onto a flying monster, watch out! It might fly really high and drop you.

Pawns Tips

The pawns are pretty much acting normally when you set up their personalities.

So Kindhearted pawns are Guardian-Medicants, they will protect you first and foremost. Mages and/or Fighters. Simple–these types will Scout ahead and forage.

Thief pawns would do really well here since they can protect themselves if they happen to stumble into an enemy ahead.

Calm = Archer OR Mage. If mages they will stay out of middle of battle to heal/buff. Archers will use their arrow attacks.

Archers no LONGER have daggers so they are not much help up close. Straightforward = Fighter or Thief. They can go ahead of you into battle and get the job done Up Close.

Tip: Tell your pawns to wait if you do any platforming near cliffs or water.

Differences between light/short and heavy/tall characters:

  • From the point where stamina bar starts flashing (not from 0) Stamina regen for light characters takes about 5 seconds, for heavy it’s about 9 seconds
  • Reach and attack speed differences are so small that they are almost imperceptible
  • Light character can carry 42 kg, heavy can carry 58 kg (it changes with progress, person in the video is level 34)
  • There’s a very noticeable movement speed difference. Tall characters are very clearly faster

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