Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Tips for Completing Spellbound

Grimoires and Spellbound Completion

The minimum requirements for each quest are:

  • 3+ Real or Fake grimoires to Myrddin.
  • 3+ Real grimoires to Trysha.

As far as I know, there are nine grimoires in each playthrough of the game:

  • Light There Be Light
    • Myrddin’s house
  • Nation’s Death Knell
    • Cenotaph at Ancient Battleground
    • Waterfall Cave
  • Howling Blizzard
    • Waterfall Cave
    • Pilfered from the magistrate, Waldhar
    • Wendy in Nameless Village after trading Fulminous Shield or Fruminous Shield to her
  • Fulminous Shield
    • Merchant in Melve
  • Towering Earth
    • The magistrate, Waldhar
    • Pilfered from the merchant, Arletta

If you want to see the full connection of Myrddin and Trysha side quests, you need to start Spellbound side quest first which is Trysha’s. There are 5 grimoires right? You give Trysha 3 of the originals, and then you save 2 originals and make a forgery from 1 of any originals for Myrddin later.

After finishing Spellbound, you get Turqoise Ring and Conjurer’s Jotting, use the Conjurer’s Jotting to get Meteoron, then you go to Myrddin’s House at the Checkpoint Rest Town to start the Sorcerer’s Appraisal.

After you give 3 grimoires to Myrddin (2 original and 1 fake), before he give you the reward, he will appraise your Sorcerer’s skills and spells, if you got the Meteoron spell, he will be shocked because he never see that kind of spell before and he will ask you of where and how did you learn that spell, you will answer that you learnt it from Trysha, and he will notice the Turqoise ring you got from his daughther, he will get upset and confuse and will ask you to leave him for a day.

Return to him after a day, you will see more dialogues and he will give you the Myrddin’s Chronicles.

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