Victoria 3 – How to Grow Your Economy

Want to grow your economy as much as possible? You need to know a couple of things first.

Economy Tips

Construction: The amount of building you can produce

    The higher your construction the more/faster you can expand your economy, expanding your construction should be your number 1 priority for expanding the economy,

    Debt: The amount of debt your country can own

      Debt is good, someone who spends only 1000 dollars of it’s gold reserve will grow less then a person investing 1000 dollars of gold reserve + 1000 dollars of debt.

      Interest: The amount paid to maintain your current level of debt

        Debt is good but to much debt isn’t this is because of interest on your debt, if the interest becomes to much your income will decrease and you will not be able to expand as fast. When taking on debt it’s critical the interest rate is less then the benefits of taking on more debt, generally this number is 50% debt in advanced economies, but could be as low as 20%.

        Buying power: The amount of money available to buy goods

          Each pop has a certain amount to spend, simply: income – spending, people will first buy essentials like food, transportation before buying luxury goods.

          Pop tiers: workers & investors

          Generally you can see all people as 2 things, workers and investors, why is this distinction important?

          Investors create money for your investment pool and expand the economy generally the higher the investment pool the better.

          Workers are the producers and consumers in the economy, not enough workers? Your factories will become less efficient. The workers are to poor? Your factories will have less demand.

          If the balance between investors and workers is off your investment pool will be to small/big or your investor pool will be spend very inefficiently, the economy will only grow if the average wealth of the entire country grows. Besides growing the wealth of the investors it’s also of paramount importance to raise average wealth/number of the worker at the same time.

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