Manor Lords – How to Solve The Mid-Game Food Crisis

Guide to The Mid-Game Food Crisis

Your village is starving because it’s growing too fast and you’re not producing enough food. Slow down growth and manage your food sources better.

Food Sources:

  • Honey: Don’t bother, you can only have 2 apiaries and it’s not worth the development points.
  • Apples: Not great. Takes 3 years for trees to mature and it’s costly in terms of development and regional wealth. They also don’t work well in the game.
  • Eggs: Slow, but good for adding variety to the market. Worth investing in a couple of chicken coops.
  • Berries: Free and useful all year except winter. Always gather berries when available.
  • Meat: Best early to mid-game. Start with a hunting camp to also collect hides, which can be sold for extra wealth.
  • Bread: Too much effort. Requires a lot of time and resources and is only viable if you’re really into farming.
  • Vegetables: Good option if you can manage space efficiently.

Focus on managing your resources wisely and expanding at a pace your village can sustain.


The best upgrade to pick is always Foreign Markets. It’s amazing because it automatically turns every 4 regional wealth into 1 bread.

If you’re out of food options and people are starving, switch your village’s focus to exporting goods. For example, have cobblers make shoes to sell, or trade surplus resources like iron ore and clay. If your village earns 200 regional wealth a month and needs 50 food, you can use the wealth to get 50 breads from foreign markets.


Most food sources aren’t great. Rely on foreign markets for an endless supply of bread. Focus on trading and keep gathering meat and berries.

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