Dragon’s Dogma 2 – How to Get My Pawn Hired More Often

How to Increase Hiring Potential

Invest into pawns gear 100% and logical skill setup definitely increase hiring potential, level range also matters as well. For example:


Fully enhanced gear with kd + agro rings. Shield Summon(Weapon)/Provocation(Augment), do not use launchpad or gutting skewer. Although i like launchpad, but a lot of people are not a fan of their pawn just randomly launch them in melee range. As well as no one wants a Tank that all it does is climb on the dragon and not on peel duty with Shield Summons.


2x flares with 2x maelstroms as weapon skills. You want to maximize sorc pawn using skills that matters. Most people hiring sorc is due to their massive damage output and AOE. Yes, clearing trash mobs might be a bit annoying, but you can already do that fast enough with your main char anyways. Not to mention if other people’s main char is a sorc, thats a spell sync comp right there, speed up casting for both pawn and the main char. Use 2x casting rings/mage stam regen augments on sorc pawn as well. Pawn dont spam their Stam regen (augment) or quick cast (Core) as often as a player would, so these 2 skills would help with the efficiency a lot.


This is a popular one, and depend on the players’ vocation, setup is kind of complicated as well. BUT, do not put any offensive spells or more than 1 weapon affinity on your mage pawn. Offensive spells would hinder the positioning of your mage pawn AI, and make the support a lot less efficient

If player is Sorc, generally they wont want a mage with master skill, since Stam isnt an issue, and they would prio Celerity over a lot of other classes and they wont need affinity. Good weapon skill setup in this case would be:

  • Celerity, Halidon, Argent Succor, Palladium

If player is warrior, since their top weapon choices are not elemental weapons, generally they are looking for some type of weapon affinity + Master skill. Although Celerity is nice, if you take it, generally 2 things would happen to your pawn, either it will go into melee range a lot to cast celerity, and get smacked by the dragons a lot, or it will cast celerity at range position, which is kind of derpy for melee chars lol. Suggested setup would be:

  • Argent Succor, Celestial Paean, Weapon affinity, Halidon.

Other melee characters, it would be similar to the setup under warrior, but since warrior have high kd resist while other melee classes dont, swap the weapon affinity skill out to palladium. OR Halidon to palladium if your pawn has Chirurgeon specialization. Oh and, depend on the melee class, their bis are sometimes elemental weapons, such as thieves, so they wont want weapon affinity on a hired mage. Example:

  • Argent Succor, Celestial paean, Halidon, Palladium


Make sure formless fient/plunder/implicate/skull splitter as skill set. People that hire thieves are using it for farming, and this skill setup is the most friendly for farming in all type of situation… and also train your thief AI to steal… aka, means you have to play thief a bit and play it the way you want your pawn to play when she/he is a thief. My pawn is terrible as a thief, because when I played thief, I dunno how to steal efficiently, and you can definitely tell when a thief pawn was trained properly or not, the amount stolen at the end of WLC farm is very different from a untrained thief vs proper trained thief.

Lastly, you have to train your pawn, your pawn’s fighting style is learned by how YOU played, not exactly understand the detail, but it does indeed copy the things you do in combat.

I have hired mage/sorc pawn before that mounts boss enemy and poke them with staffs consistently, instead of actually using their skills.

I have to train my Sorc pawn to spam maelstrom or flare at one point. Since I have seen some untrained sorc pawn would have the same skills setup, but just normal attack the whole time because it has no idea what to do.

Same as your mage support style, I have seen mages that play exclusively in melee range when I am on my sorc, or mages just in the bumble fuck no where casting celerity on a random rabbit.

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