Holo X Break – Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Better and Easy Gameplay

Roll constantly, rolling is faster than running.

Try to get a little speed on your gear, even a small amount greatly improves run speed and dodge speed and distance. More run speed = less time between fights and less time spent hunting down scattered enemies.

Speed boost item is very good for moving between fights quickly and finding stragglers during fights.

Choose a character with good wave clear, personally I went with Koyori and cleared in 46 mins (I was extremely lucky though with orange drops). Other good options are Laplus, and Iroha. Maybe Chloe and Polka. Other characters lack good power attacks or lack good skills for clearing and will have to rely more on items which means more rng.

If you get an orange drop with good stat rolls (Ideally two of attack, speed, or crit), focus your upgrades into it once your other gear is green and are around level 6 or so, even if the effect on the orange is useless or bad. Higher level items have better stats per level even though the upgrade cost caps at 2500. A level 20 item (the cap) has around 50 points in each stat while a level 10 will have less than half that. It is way too rng heavy to try to upgrade greens into oranges and that money could be spent on more upgrades for your orange item. You might even want to restart if you don’t get an orange drop on the first two stages.

Optimize your shopping. Time still passes during rest time. Good equipment to buy are high spec glasses, idol dress, school uniform, Nephilim wings, nurse horns, boxing gloves. Avoid phantom cloak as it causes hit stop when you roll through enemies = slower. If you don’t get these as drops in the first stage, check the shop for them and buy them. Past the second stage, you should only bother with checking for bl books and shurikens, selling gear you aren’t using, and upgrading.

For consumables, BL books and shurikens make wave clear fast and easy and you can buy up to 20 of them. They are both worth buying a full stack if you see them. Having 20 bl books early on makes a big difference as you can use them every wave to quickly wipe out enemies and save a lot of time. Speed boost drink is also good. Phoenix sword is good but you can’t carry as many. Owl daggers are great against bosses and tankier enemies.

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  1. The coins (and other items) that show up at the beginning of a stage are from an enemy that died off to the right of the screen, not from the ones you missed.

  2. I appreciate your tip regarding the barrels. In addition, I saw that it is possible to steal offerings by breaking into the shrine boxes located on the second floor.

  3. If you find something you like with ATK, I suggest upgrading the same equip slot. (Or anything in orange). EVERY statistic has value.) Upgrades have a cost cap of $2500, but at higher levels, they offer bigger bonuses. When you reach 100 in several stats, you can exchange the remaining two slots for any passives you choose.

    There are four ways I am aware of to build meter for your ultimate. It’s clear that the idol outfit is attacking and passively regenerating. It also works to duck into an i-frame attack at the last second. Strangely enough, you can gain meter just by using your abilities 1 and 2.

  4. The equipment I used to help me get through the final boss was an armor that, when combined with the nurse horn, dealt fire damage to enemies when you were damaged. I can’t remember what kind of armor it was.

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