Inkbound – Clairvoyant Tips

Useful Tips for Clairvoyant

  • Do not underestimate the shielding you get from hitting yourself with your orb. Stutter-step to keep yourself positioned around your orb. Try to treat it more like a lifeline rather than a convenient range extender.
  • Upgrades that benefit shielding/benefit you staying around your orb at optimal, because you’re generally wanting to play like that anyway. I found that the +2 Shield on Pulse was insane because I could Pulse, grab an orb, Pulse again, and all of the sudden I had 4 Shield and 2 Psionic Charge that I could spend on ruining the enemy’s day.
  • Psionic Blast upgrades were really good for me- the ascensions in particular. They’re a great way to scale up damage with this class. I tended to use my 3rd skill as damage while focusing heavily on support for the other skills. However…
  • You want a good attacking skill on your 4th or 5th slot. Cleave or Lightning are my favorites but you can pick. I found that these options allowed me to cull the adds that were outside of my orb’s range and helped my survivability immensely in difficult high-enemy fights.

Clairvoyant seems to have a lot of inherent strength in the Psionics so you really just need to keep her alive during the First Book, then use the Second Book to get ++++Power however you like.

I hope that helps!

Note: I think Blink is pretty powerful on Clairvoyant. CV lacks any movement bindings out of the box and Blink can also generate orbs which synergizes well with CV. Additionally it allows you to play more aggressively because you can dive into a pack of enemies, dish out heavy damage and then blink away and recall your orb. Alternatively you can clear out a pack of enemies on one side of the arena then blink to the other side and call your orb to you to take out a second pack.

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  1. The simplest way to win every Clairvoyant run is bring marker of the unbound. Even if there’s no gunkfilled or radiant market (silent promenade has burrowers that make a small amount of blight but it’s not as much) you can theoretically get 21 omni damage per fight without help from vestiges and discounting augments (don’t take the orb on turn 1, blight appears, 6 omni damage on turn 2, 5 on turns 3, 4, and 5). If you can clear all enemies but 1, you can usually block all damage in single player. Even better if you get blink or cultivate. You can almost certainly get 50+ omni damage before the first boss and probably go nuts afterward.

  2. While it’s true that Blink is rarely if ever a bad choice, it’s particularly powerful I feel on classes that lack any movement ability of their own. That being Weaver and Clairvoyant. I’d argue that E.G. Pilfer is a better choice than Blink on Mosscloak because it also provides orb generation via Orb Thief and if you upgrade it to Mug is also does a pretty nice chunk of damage. Mosscloak doesn’t miss out on any of the advantages to Blink such as Evasion, CD reduction, plus the ability to reposition because he can get all those same things via Scavenger’s Dash in addition to also generating Shurikens to feed his Flurry. Same deal with Magma Miner and Leaping Strike. The situation is a little more interesting with Obelisk because while he does have a very nice movement ability that deals a ton of damage via Shield Bash, having a 2 will cost in addition to a CD of 2 makes it more of a toss up.

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