The Lost Village – Official FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How to learn a new martial art skill?

Choose a disciple – Info – Gift – Right Click a Martial Art Book

How to recruit new disciple?

Unlock “Reception” technology, assign a disciple to work in Reception, When the recruitment progress bar is full, a candidate will appear. Then use “Qi Elixir” to recruit him/her.

How to Expel a disciple?

Unlock “Expel” Technology, then yon can find an “Expel” button next to his name on the disciple detail page.

How to find Qi Elixir?

Qi Elixir can be obtained by: Defeating Illusion Realm Boss, Skill Room, Merchant Room, Heart Demon, Sect Store and Faith Store.

Why would a disciple fail in overcoming the tribulation?

There are two ways to overcome the tribulation:

  • List some attributes elixir in Treasure Pavilion and Break Thought Book, disciples would break throught automatically.
  • Some times you want to breakthrough manually, you need to manually switch the tribulation elixir on the tribulation platform. Use the Stamina elixir when the tribulation consumes Stamina, use the Mental elixir when the tribulation consumes Mental.

How to defeat Heart Demon?

Heart Demon copy Master’s attributes, The stronger you are, the stronger it is.The best method is to have the Master unequipped and let the disciples be fully armed.

How to breakthrough automatically?

List some attributes elixir in Treasure Pavilion and Break Thought Book, disciples would break throught automatically.

How to restore Stamina(STA), Mental(MTL), Social(SOC), Entertainment(ENT), Sense(SEN) and Adventure(ADV)?

  • Stamina: Bedroom, Dining Hall, Paradise
  • Mental: Tea House, Zither Room
  • Social: High Level Tea, Apron(Magic Orb generate Patrol Tokens)
  • Entertainment: Apron(Magic Orb generate Puppet), Library(Magic Orb generate Scripture), Gazebo
  • Sense: Elysium
  • Adventure: Departure

How to increase the maximum number of disciples in the sect?

Build “Bedroom” and “Elysium”. The number of bedrooms can be increased by research technology and upgrading the Celestial Hall.

I can not find keys in Chapter 5 of illusion realm

You can drag the map with the right mouse button. If the tags on the left are covering the map, you can fold the tags.

How to get Martial Books?

You can buy books at Merchant in illusion realm and also at Faith Store.

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