Withering Rooms – Melee Weapon Tips

Which Melee Weapon Is Best

Stats alone don’t tell you how good a weapon is.

Don’t underestimate the torch. It’s stats look low, but with decent luck and the crit ring it takes off big chunks of hp with the strong attack. A lot of enemies are also weak to fire, especially in the labyrinth. It’s also a light source, as a bonus.

The spear can be very good, and can stun lock some enemies. It’s better outside of the Labyrinth though. Also the spear fills a similar role, but hit’s faster/harder.

Pipe is one of the best melee weapons if you use it right. The whole point of it is the heavy attack doing high physical and poise damage. No other melee weapon does higher poise damage.

If you want to stand there and smack enemies repeatedly, pipe is bad. If you like to charge up heavy attacks and are good at positioning correctly, pipe will stun most enemies on the first hit allowing you to deal completely safe damage by giving plenty of time to backstep or roll.

The whip is in a similar position as it does the same amount of poise damage on a heavy attack. You’re just trading physical damage for bleed. It is quite good as a status applicator if you equip rings that give flat status buildup to melee attacks.

The old sword is like a better axe, if not for durability.

There’s a tesla mace, but it makes constant electrical noises, even when you aren’t attacking. I haven’t used it, but I’ve seen it.

Magic is boring but strong, Guns are OP (but require constant restocking).

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