Slice & Dice – Tips for the Slime Queen Boss Fight

Slime Queen Boss Fight Tips

Tip one that I have is to be careful when you’re making the splits and to think about what attacks will be incoming next turn. Sometimes it’s better to not attack to avoid a split until you can both:

  • Cause a split.
  • Kill or heavily injure whatever comes out.

Tip two that I have is to think about whether you want to kill the slime queen first or the first slimer first. Right now I go slimer first 80% of the time.

Some More Generalized Tips:

  • The slime queen fight is a long fight. It doesn’t seem like you can just sit there forever but you absolutely want to be playing it slower than your usual fight. This also means more defensive options/upgrades shine here.
  • Prioritize healing / topping off your top and bottom heroes first, mid hero second, yellow and red last. Usually that’s the order of hardest -> easiest to keep alive.
  • Almost always go for the smallest enemies first. Never start damaging the Slime Queen until the slimelets are gone. when you split the Queen first, prepare to burst down the slimer (usually skipping slimelets it spawns until it dies) on the turn you spawn it. Then clear the slimelets, then go back to the slime queen. For the second split, be prepared to kill the slime queen the turn you trigger the second split.
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