Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Dragon Farming Route with Build

Dragon Farming Route Guide

Here is the map of my dragon farming route (all the port crystals on the map), usually about 15k exp per dragon kill. No rings, just boon.

9 spots, generally speaking, I get 6-8 dragons per run. Even if the spot doesnt spawn a dragon, it would usually have some sort of boss mob, either gorechimera/goreminotaur etc. Sometimes local griffin would stop by as well (since this dumb bird is on a patrol route):

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XP Farming Build

This is my XP farming build. Basic idea is set up portcrystals next to boss spawn point, then teleport and rush through them while having XP blessing active.

Once you killed all the bosses, sleep 7 days then quit to main menu. This is important, otherwise drakes may not respawn and instead you’ll find other boss enemies in their place. Load save and rinse repeat.

  • Arisen: Medusan Bow, 2x XP Ring. Get XP Blessing too.
  • Skills: Re Armament + Skull Splitter + Frosthunter + Ricochet / Ravening Lunge.

Skull splitter evaporates any minatour/ chimera / ogre etc

Frosthunter evaporates drakes (weak to ice + WLC magick bow does bonus damage vs dragons). You also get the XP bonus as long as u switch to medusan at last second (even if killing blow is from frosthunter)

Ricochet is for wiping out caves (again switch to medusan once u fire the shot). The XP from mobs add up. Alternatively ravening lunge to quickly cover more ground and rush to bosses you don’t have portcrystal set up

(No flare because I find the combo with bow is awkward, and easy to accidentally killing boss before switch to medusan. Fights already only last 30s anyways.)

I also unequip any weapons I won’t be using in the fight to make the weapon swaps smoother

Rest of Party:

  • Mage main pawn with legions might + 2× ring of recitation. Just equip celestial paean

1 hired fighter pawn. Just need shield drum + ring of disfavor

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