Sky: Children of the Light – How to Obtain Companion Cube Item

This guide tells you all about how to get the super-special aperture science weighted companion cube!

Guide to Obtain Companion Cube Item


Good meowning, this guide will teach you, the kind reader, all about how to get the companion cube in the game! and what makes it the best item ever conceived? you will find this out too!

How to Get

The location

Enter THIS humble building in the aviary village. if you are yet unable to access it, you may need to complete a few of the steward fellow’s quests first!

The pile

Once inside, hop over to this pile of lovely cubes on the left and hit F (X / Square if youre a controller gamer). this will only be present on the steam version of the game!

The purchase

If you have enough candles, press on it a whole bunch to buy it! it will be the best purchase you ever make, thats a promise.

The candles?

If you are lacking in candles, go out and collect some throughout the game! it may take a couple of days to collect 50 if you are starting from zero..

Put It On

The closet

Locate the closet, which in the aviary village, is all the way down the path and near the realm gates. the cube will be accessible from the farthest-rightest department, with the sun-looking icon.

At last, after days past, the cube

After accessing that, the cube will be under the farthest-rightest tab, the one with the coffee cup. press on it to wear it! cube fashion!

But that’s not all; using the cube

The weighted companion cube has many features! this part will explain them.

Put it down

I apologize if you are already strongly attached to it, i promise this will only last a moment! open the special menu with E (Y / Triangle), and find the cube near the top.

When you press on it, you are given the option to move it around or even rotate it. press space (A / X) when you find the perfect spot.

God has given us hands, not to punish, but to hold the cube

Walk over to it, and press F (X / Square) to pick it up!

Playing + having fun

With cube in hand, the fun commences.

Press X (RT / R2) to cuddle and snuggle the cube in an adorable fashion.

Hold that same button down to drop the cube, if you ABSOLUTELY have to…

Hold down the call button (left click / B / Circle) to do a big call and TOSS the cube. the bigger the big call, the bigger the toss!


You can also use the cube as a furniture item in a shared space or nest, if thats your thing.

The end

I hope you enjoy your new best cubefriend, and show it off to all of your non-computer-having friends! please keep in mind that the companion cube will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak.

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