Inkbound – How to Play Chainbreaker

Tips to Play Chainbreaker


You usually want to pick up a few basic survivability vestiges early on, just to help you get through Book 1. Be prepared to take chunks of HP loss in Book 1, so don’t feel too bad about spending money on the 15HP healing pools to make sure you can survive through the Book 1 Guardian.

After your first Ascension and a few Rare/Epic augments/vestiges everything will quickly turn around for the better. You’ll end up scaling incredibly hard with Will production and cooldown reduction primarily, so make those vestiges sets your main focus while taking any Will-cost reduction augments for your other skills whenever possible. Since he scales equally with both Phys and Magic fairly equally, you can lean into almost any of the DoT applications or +stat bonuses as they’re presented to you.

He really is gated pretty noticeably by resource costs, but once you’re able to get things like his 2nd ability down from 2 cost to 1 cost, it then becomes “free” after you build up your 3-hit Combo passive. Same with his 3rd ability, or any drafted bindings you pick up, once you can get those abilities down to at least 1 cost at their base level, you can just be All Punches while weaving in those freebies as combo payoffs. Try picking up the vestiges from the Shattered Will set and the Crit Chance set, and you’ll be able to craft a build that hyper scales upon repeated punches.

Main mechanic

The more will for basic attacks you have, the better it is. So will reserve from any sources and shattered will set can help you to increase efficiency of attacks.

Step by step

  1. Pick talons of cyn trinket as your main trinket and get poison vapor early.
  2. Build into poison damage on your abilities.
  3. Try to get poison/magic items and sets, with mandatory survivability (poison damage is delayed).
  4. Chain your basic attack to get combo, and then use it to reduce cost/cooldown on vapor or other ability.

With poison vapor gigantic damage you almost guaranteed to get trough first boss, after that just need to work on damage, survivability and a bit of cooldowns to increase your chances.

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