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When will Inkbound be available and for how much?

Inkbound will be available in Early Access on May 22, 2023 for $19.99! You’ll be able to play the game at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

I played the demo during Next Fest, what cool new content can I expect?

Lots! At launch, here is what you can expect in terms of new content:

  • A more tightly tuned and polished combat system.
  • Easier ways to find other players to party up with.
  • Two new classes.
  • Two more final bosses.
  • Uncover over 200 powerful items.
  • Explore over 150 quests.
  • Unlock and conquer three new difficulty ranks: GOLD, PLATINUM, and, the ultimate rank INKBOUND!

What is an Inkbound Season Pass?

A Season Pass is available for those who want to support the ongoing development of Inkbound and customize their look with cool armor, helmets, and more! Pass rewards are cosmetic only and meant to support the devs as we continue to create Inkbound.

How much will the Season Pass cost?

Season Passes will be available for purchase with in-game currency: ‘Shinies.’ 100 Shinies costs about $1, with options to get bonus shinies in bigger bundles.

For our Early Access launch, the Season Pass will cost 600 Shinies, with some increase later closer to full launch.

Shinies can also be earned from the pass itself. There are 300 Shinies on the free track and the premium track grants 1300.

What else do I have to look forward to in upcoming Seasons?

We are planning on launching a new season every 3 months or so. The content included will depend on the season’s theme but could contain new classes, books, events, abilities, story, and much more. Inkbound is a living game with a lot more to come.

How do I get the Imp Helmet or the Space Cat Hat?

Everyone who has Monster Train in their Steam library will get a special edition Imp Helmet in Inkbound! If you own Monster Train, this special cosmetic unlocks automatically when you first complete the tutorial.

Subscribers to this newsletter will receive a code on May 22, 2023 for the Space Cat Hat helmet. Sign-up for this unique cosmetic at official game site.

Can I play offline?

Inkbound is an online game with many social features that require a server connection in order to play. There is no current offline option.

Saving Run Progress

Can I save my run when I log out?

If playing solo your run will be saved just by quitting the game. When you start Inkbound again, you’ll be asked if you would like to resume your run where you last were.

How does combat work in Inkbound?

Players take their turns simultaneously during combat for fast-paced battle experiences. Stay on your toes and coordinate with your party members for the ultimate effect on the enemies.



Press the’ ALT’ key to see how much damage the enemies will take this turn. Their health bars will then be grayed out for the amount of damage they will take.


During combat, you can hold the ‘Shift’ key to move your viewpoint around the arena to see what your party members are doing.

Creating and Joining a party

Joining a new party:

  • Click on the large purple plus sign below your name in the upper left hand corner.
  • A screen will pop up. In the lower portion of the screen, you will see the username of players who are looking for other players to join their party.
  • You can also see how many players they have in their party and how many they are looking for.
  • Click on a party you would like to join and voila! You are set.

Finding players to join your party:

  • Click on the big purple plus sign below your username in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The text ‘party up!’ will appear when you do.
  • A screen will pop up. From there, you can set how many people you are looking to join your party.
  • Your name will then appear next to how many people you are looking to join your party.

Removing players from your party

Nothing is more simple! To remove a player from your party, you can type ‘/kick [player username]’ in the general chat and that will kick them from the party.

Good to Know – Common Questions

Changing Player Class

To change your player by visiting the Stigmatist in the Atheneum. Head over to her drafting table and click on the ‘Aspect Aparatus.’ There, you’ll be able to choose your player class!

There are two ways to move in Inkbound:

  • WASD: You can use the keys W, A, S, and D to move up, left, down, and right, respectively. This is for English keyboards only.
  • Mouse: You can also move by left-clicking on your mouse to move forward.

Z KEY ~ Player Stats

To open the Stat Screen, press the button on the bottom bar or press the ‘Z’ key.

See your party

During a run, you can click on the party icon by your avatar to see what vestiges and bindings your party members have chosen.

Reporting Bugs and Sending Feedback


To report a bug, click ‘F8’ and a report form will appear. At the top of the form, you will see the directions ‘Enter your feedback below.’ Please type out the bug or feedback you would like to send in the space provided. Once done, click ‘Submit’ and your report will send a screenshot to the Shiny Shoe team.

What is ‘send replay?’

If you feel that the bug you are experiencing necessitates a full recording of your run to better illustrate the issue to the team, click ‘send replay.’

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