Firmament – Ocean Energy Station Puzzle Solution

How to Solve Ocean Energy Station Puzzle

Here is how the puzzle actually works and how the numbers add up:

The total voltage is determined by adding up the values which are assigned to the bridge colors used in the circuit PLUS a base voltage X.

E.g. if you get Green -> Green -> Yellow = 50 then the actual equation is 2*Green + 1*Yellow + X = 50.

If you setup your equations like this then you can solve for the color values and the value of X and determine a path which satisfies the total voltage of 115. This works for both times you have to solve the puzzle.

I could not find any visual indicator that such a base voltage exists. Which made it more confusing for me is that in both puzzles it holds that X=Yellow. So you can also think of the base voltage as one invisible extra yellow bridge which you always have to add.

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