Infection Free Zone – Tips to Progress and Survive

This guide includes a few tips and tricks for the Infection Free Zone game.

Tips and Tricks

  • Squads need four people to be made, remember about it.
  • At the start of the game gather wood, don’t bother with metal or bricks.
  • 150 to 300 units of wood will be more than enough for you to survive early game.
  • Use one squad to search small building, two or more to search bigger buildings. The more squads you have in a building, the faster it’ll be searched.

  • Deconstruct small buildings first, bigger ones later.
  • Deconstruct buildings not only to get materials but also to clear some space.
  • One unit of food is being eaten by 4 four people.
  • Don’t take every single group of people. Take them only if you have food.

You don’t need to have guards sitting in towers during the day, take them off duty and assign somewhere else. Remeber to order them to go back to towers at 4 to 5 PM!

After unlocking a car turn one squad unit into a mobile one (by ordering them to get into a car), rename them just so you would know they’re in the car, and send them to scavenge buildings in a different part of the town

To equip better weapon, take one off of your guy by pressing and holding LMB on his current weapon and after that tell your squad to go to the HQ and they will automatically take the best weapon they have.

Do not give the first guy in the squad a automatic weapon, because he’s always the driver so he wont be able to fire while driving. Give it to the other members of the squad.

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  1. To prevent them from having to walk back to base, etc., a lone squad can drive a large cargo vehicle (such as a pickup truck = 20) to other squads and “exchange” cargo with them.

    • Yes, but in order to form a squad, you need four unemployed people, which is, I believe, why the author wrote it that way.

        • Strangely, I was limited to creating squads with four members. I have no control over the number of people I turn into scavengers.

  2. Click on this message on the radio if you hear “SWARM” to find out where the sound is coming from. When the time comes for them to move to your base, you can draw their attention to the automobile by sending a squad in that way in a car and driving it around the city, saving you from having to defend the base. The zombies will run home when the sun comes up, gather four or more squads, and infest the buildings with zombies. Compared to TD and damage healing, this is more straightforward and easier.

  3. does anyone know why really big building in the early game are defaulting to 20 living quarters after you adapt it and not what it actually said it would be.

  4. Tip: You can switch out your weapons when at a warehouse or headquarters by selecting Exchange from the squad menu.

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