DOOM Eternal – How to Effectively Fight The Dark Lord

Are you one of the people that think The Dark Lord (Davoth) is too hard of a boss fight, allow me to help, and hopefully people will stop complaining about him being hard, as he’s one of my favorite boss fights in all of the games I’ve played.


The Dark Lord can be a challenging fight, if you don’t understand the mechanics he’s brutal towards you, just as you will be hopefully by the end of this guide.

But first, to know how to fight the Dark Lord, we need to know how to fight the Marauder.


The Marauder is one of the more disruptive enemies in the game, but personally, I adore him, once you’ve played keep-away with him long enough to get rid of all the other threats, you can fight him one-on-one, and this is when the Marauder is best to fight, for a reliable way to deal damage to him, you can stay on the border of close and mid-range with him, and this is where he attacks the most, only attack when you see the green light or hear the noise, attacking anywhere else risks him putting the shield up, which allows him to summon the wolf.

If he does indeed summon the wolf, the best way to deal with it, is to SSG, Ballista, or Precision Shot the wolf quickly while backing away from the Marauder to avoid him attacking while you deal with his canine chum.

Once again, attack only while his eyes are green and the first half of his axe animation for the above reasons, and I’d recommend a Ballista shot if you have good aim, or an SSG shot if you don’t, while he’s stunned, quick swap between the two, and you should get to attack him 3 times, once to make him vulnerable, two quick-swap shots, by the time you get the third one in, he’ll almost be back up, leading to him shielding any further attacks. Rinse and Repeat about 2 or 3 times until he’s staggered or dead, know that this won’t work every time due to the Marauder being a very variable guy, but that’s the main part of his fun.

But this is a guide for TAG 2, and you have the Sentinel Hammer, and if you use the hammer while he’s stunned, it extends it, so always make sure to have one ready when you fight him, use it while he’s stunned, and lock on burst him to death.

Davoth – Phase 1

“Stand and fight Slayer. Honor your true God. Fight and show me your purpose.”

Phase 1 of Davoth’s fight is fairly easy, he only summons one dog at a time, which when killed will drop half a hammer charge, so you can shoot the Possessed surrounding the arena once in the head to glory kill them, now that you have the hammer charge, just like a marauder, stay on the border of close and mid-range, know that he will definitely attack with a different sword attack, the telegraph is fairly easy, so just dash around him when you see he’s doing that to avoid him hitting you, and sucking your health, once again, when you see his eyes flash green, shoot him, hammer him, and use constant Lock-on Bursts, while using your frag grenades. Once he’s vulnerable (after around 2 Lock-on Bursts) dash to the other side of the arena, and chainsaw 1 or 2 Possessed, and glory kill 2 more if he doesn’t summon wolves, if he does, just like earlier, kill the one wolf, and glory kill a Possessed to recharge the hammer.

This process will get rid of over half his health bar, so if you don’t get hit while trying to attack him, he’ll go down with just 2 cycles of this process.

Once he’s down, punch him and move on to the next phase.

Davoth – Phase 2 & 3

“They lied to you, Slayer. Immora and its people would have been perfect if not for the treachery of my servants. They sealed me away, stole my power and name, and now the time has come for a reckoning. As all things have been made by my hand, so shall they be unmade. Starting with you.”

Phases 2 & 3 are slightly more complicated, if you die in Phase 3, you’ll go back to Phase 2, and not 3. In these phases, Davoth will summon 2 wolves, instead of one. This means if you Hammer them, you’ll immediately regain it, plus get some ammo alongside it, so the Possessed becomes slightly less useful, just for gaining Hammers and ammo while you don’t have charges for the wolves, even then, they die with a Precision Shot, SSG, or Ballista shot.

In these phases, Davoth uses some more attacks, a shield bash, and a grenade.

  • The Shield Bash will take some of your health if it hits you, but has an obvious telegraph, so once you get a sense of timing, just dash around him to avoid it, and maybe regain resources while you’re at it.
  • The Grenade doesn’t do much, won’t give Davoth health, and is easy to avoid.

Once you finish the two phases, you’ll enter a cut scene, leading onto the final two phases.

Davoth – Phase 4 & 5

“Tell me… have you nothing to say to your creator… before you strike him down?”

To steal a line from Halo 2, it’s time to Finish this Fight.

Phases 4 & 5 are naturally the most complicated, in addition to a projection of a Hell Knight with the wolves, which won’t drop a hammer charge, Davoth may also summon 4 projections of Heavy to Super Heavy demons (A Tyrant, a Baron of Hell, a Pain Elemental, and a Mancubus), all projections have weaker health than their real counterparts, and will die instantly if Hammered, they will drop ammo, but not hammer charges so whenever they are summoned, make sure you’re able to regenerate your hammer.

Besides from some new things to summon, Davoth doesn’t gain any other attacks, so you can repeat what we’ve been doing until you beat the final Phase, and rest easy watching the cut scene knowing you’ve beaten a boss fight, so hard it’s controversial, hopefully easily.

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