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Doom Eternal - Exultia Toy Locations

Mar 19, 2020    

There are two toys in the main camapign's second mission. Find out where they are situated by scrolling down this page.

All Toy Locations in Exultia

Arachnatron Toy

This toy can be found in the crumbling, winding staircase section. Before you jump down, look to your right for a small platform.

Jump over to it and look to your left. Break the cracked wall, and the toy will be in front of you.

Cacodemon Toy

The Cacodemon toy is a sneaky secret to locate. Once you're in the lava-filled area with a number of walls to scramble up, make your way to the top and look for the lava-fall to your left.

Double jump and dash across to the ledge next to it. The toy is located here.

Game:   Doom Eternal