Doom Eternal – How to Reach Level 250

Doom Eternal - How to Reach Level 250
Doom Eternal - How to Reach Level 250

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Since a lot of people have asked me how I got to 250 so fast I decided to make a little guide for players.

How to Get Started

  • Have a save game with 100% completion with the following cheats Infinite Ammo / Onslaught / Overdrive.
  • Go to the level “Sentinel Prime” and farm it with those cheats on.

Sentinel prime is by far the fastest level to farm without abusing glitches.

Difficulty does not matter as each time you end the level you level up. I’ve done that level personally over 50 times, and I’ve always gotten a level at the end. (This does not give event EXP for your boosters).


For the most optimal way of playing, I’ve been running the game on lowest settings and a lower resolution, the more FPS the more broken this game gets, which means the faster you can reach the end of a level. Here are some tweaks I’ve used.

Open console with ` and input these:

  • r_decalLifetimeMultiplier 0
  • r_antialiasing 0
  • r_lightDistanceFadeMultiplier 0
  • r_shadowAtlasWidth 8

Also to make jumps easier you can also bind this: “bind mwheeldown jump”.

Keep in mind the settings for the 1st 4 inputs will need to be copy and pasted every time you restart the game.



If you’d rather play the game instead of farming the same level over and over, well I can also help with that, as speedrunning nightmare or any other difficulty to get the even exp at the end can be quite easy. This requires the “bind mwheeldown jump” for the tricks to work.

You can check this spreadsheet to learn how to jump over the map, and do other cool stuff:

They have a fantastic group of people over on their discord and they have a lot of knowledge about the game, I can help with some questions but not all when it comes to speedrunning.


Battlemode is a good source of EXP and Event EXP, it is indeed slower than farming sentinel or doing speedruns, but it gives a good mix of both EXPs, play this if you really want both EXP.

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