Doom Eternal – Battlemode Guide (Slayer VS Demons)

Doom Eternal - Battlemode Guide (Slayer VS Demons)
Doom Eternal - Battlemode Guide (Slayer VS Demons)

An okayish indepth guide about battlemode and how to win on both sides.

Guide to Battlemode


I have played a lot of Singleplayer and Battlemode and i give myself the right to create a guide since the Battlemode system is pretty easy to understand. Unfortunately i dont know everything but here i share and update all the things i see, noticed and experienced.


Aaaaah. The Doomslayer, Doomguy, Mother of all Demon killers (wait what).

First looking at the situation facing 2 demons controled by other players seems pretty unfair, right?
Well it is kinda. Two brains against one (even tho it feels like a half brain vs you sometimes).

In fact the mode is pretty balanced.

“What hang him!” -Randome ragekiddy.

Now let me break down the Doomguy setup.

  1. He is small.
  2. He is quick.
  3. He has a lot of weapons.
  4. He deals a ♥♥♥ ton of damage (we come to that part later).
  5. He has a lot of armor and health.

In a nutshell he is extremly good prepared.

Now what exactly does he have? And how to use it.

You spawn with every weapon you gain in Singleplayer but without mods.


So you have a shotgun, the Super Shotgun, the Assault rifle, the Plasmacanon, a Gattling gun, the BFG and a rocket launcher.


The shotgun is pretty useless i think.

The Supershotgun is an awesome weapon. It deals between 150-900(!) damage with one shot. Also increases your mobility a lot due to the feature to grapple to nearby enemys.

The Assault rifle is pretty descent. But without mods just good against deathhandycaped zombies

The Gattling gun is a pretty strong weapon with around 20-50 damage per shot and a high firerate.

The Plasmagun deals around 30 damage per shot.

The BFG is useless

The Rocket launcher deals between 1-10×100-200 damage per hit depending on how close you shoot to the enemy. It’s very brutal. Also if your opponent stands on ground don’t care to much about hitting him diretly if he is big. Shoot at the ground or walls close to him it will still deal a lot of damage. I will refer to as RL later in the guide.


So now that we know the stats of the weapons. What do i do with these? Spray and prey? No.

I personaly am more the brutal classic Doomguy. While playing multiplayer you have to be your character. Don’t just play the character and spray like an idiot everything around.

It feels like doom. But it doesn’t sound like doom. (also it doesn’t reflect the Doomguy).

Anyways, be the doomguy. Its you in that suit.

What’re you gonna do? Fight some low imps and get rekt by high demons? No you kick their fkng asses!

So go out there, stop hiding and crush em!

Ok back to topic.

Personaly i prefer the more aggressive style. I mostly ignore the spawns an focus completely on the higher demons. Here are my tactics against any demon.

General hint: use the graple of your shot to move quickly to the opponents! Its your best way to mobilize higher and faster than with your normal jumps!


That guy is hilarious, the SShot is extremly uneffective due to his small hitbox and high movement speed. I use the RL for it. Usually 3-4 shots right infront of him kills him. Pretty easy. Next one.


Well there are 2 types of revenant.

  1. The one that flys nonstop jumping left and right.
  2. The one that stands there in an edge and crys for his mommy.

The 1st one is pretty annoying. But doable. Either you take him down with your Gattling gun because he doesn’t has much health. Or you do some graple action with your SShot and rip him part (you will hear that a lot).

The 2ound one is very easy. Take a RL and blast him to Narnia.


Pretty annoying with all his fire wall ♥♥♥ and AOEs. But if you stay in the air or change areas quickly he has no chance. Same thing, either you give him full width or just casual spamming. So get close to him and graple with the SShot then burst him out of his socks. Else if he is on open field low ground spam him with the Gattling gun. RL is pretty effective but the fact that he is teleporting makes it hard to hit with it.


You already know it. Fat, Ugly, slow. Like my mom… Anyways looks all scary and brutal but is as easy as hitting a tree. Just give him 1-2 blasts with the SShot and spam him with the Gattling afterwards. For higher frequency you can use the Plasmagun as well.

Last but not least

Pain Elemental

There is more pain in seeing players strugge with it than in the actual demon.

Anyways. More a supporter. Quick, low health, low chance to win. But what to do?

Yeaaaaah you got it. Graple and fill his throat with many little balls.

Or which is also pretty effective is the Gattling gun due to the high projectile speed which makes it more effective against that demon than the Plasma gun.

That’s it for the Doomguy. I think the perks are more for personal preference. I take the “quicker dash recharge thing” first and the rest is uninteresting for mit. Also use the dash often and try to get behind your enemy. They are just players and also struggle with the 3 -Axsis.


Wait wait waaaaait. You are still in this guide? Xd okokok seems like you need some real help if you look into a demon tutorial.

Moving on! There is only one goal for you. Kill that MoFu. Pretty easy right!….. right?

There are different tactics of course. Let me break them down for you.


Trash at meele, more a supportive role. Try to kite the player with your AOEs and lead him to your spawns or block his way and let him run back all the way he had crossing your spawn. Also ofc disturb him with fireballs. Not much you can do. But this is a teamgame right?


Fat, Ugly, Slow…. wait we had that joke already? Oh…. Ok… yeah yeah right moving on…

Either you play him as a tank which requires a good offensive or supporting teammate. As tank you try to draw the Slayers attention so your teammate can creep from behind and get his booty. Also you can deal some annoying damage with your fireblast on close range. To draw the attention try to stay in mid range and dont use your flamethrower. You can get close to…. 10 doomguy lengths but thats it. If you dont use your Flamethrower the chance that he will flee is lower.

Same goes for the supportive role but i have to say that the support role only makes sense when you have other ground demons like the marauder or a Archvile who will lock the slayer in a specific place.


I personaly dont like him. There is probably a better way but you can spam your spawns and go full meele on the doomguy. You cant damage yourself. ALso spam your Wolf since it is autotarget and deals a lot of damage. Try to stay behind the Doomguy or sneak up on him.

Else make use of your high mobility. Dashing confuses the Doomguy and lets you evade many attacks. Specialy RLs SShots and other slow and spray weapons.

Pain Elemental

Pretty funny guy. Everyone plays it but no one understands it. It’s more of a supportive role. Not a high aggressor. SURE he has a shield and damage and high mobility. But its not his point. I asume his point is to make his shield, spam you with skulls, flying close to you, bursting his shieldcharge into you and then die. Let the other demon finish the slayer. Or hide until your Mancubus has aggro and then snack the guy from behind.


As in the Kampagne. Jump, shoot, repeat. His high mobility and possibility to stay in the air makes it hard to hit him with hard weapons. So use your god damn jetpack and stop lurking in edges. Everything else is self explained. Don’t go to close but not to far.

So in the end you need to play together. That is the reason why this mode is 1 vs 2. If you suck you lose even in a 2 vs 1. He has many options against you, but you only have a few against him!

And very important. Split up! If you stand next to each others, the Doomguy blasts you a rocket and deal like 3000 Damage in one shot to both of you (1500+1500) which is most likely a deathsign. No escape anymore he will go full rumble then.

Also very important spawn your spawns and stay away from them. Imagine he shoots a rocket or gattling fire towards you and purpously/accidental hit your spawns, they die and he collects the packs if you dont lock them quick enough. That’s bad right? He got less preasure, more ammo and more health. So watch out…


Aaaw you either are very greatfull and finish my guide. Or pretty stupid for still reading this ♥♥♥.

Beside that you see the game is pretty balanced. Even tho i have to say if you have two extremly good players against a Doomguy noob it is indeed unfair. But that’s the game.

Every side has its ups and downs.

Doomguy in Short

In the end i say it is better to go full mayhem with the Doomguy. Chasing the players like crazy. The spawns slow you down and give the demons time to setup and calm down. You dont want them to cool down. You want to put them under constant preasure, fearing for their lives, make them eat their nails, counting down the respawn timer. You can see the players panic if you see them running edge for edge for edge to avoid you even when both demons are living. Always keep track of both demons so you don’t get suprised also to know where the secound one is when you kill the first one.

Demons in Short

Work… Together…

You are two players so play as two! It’s one for you and you for me!

But that doesnt mean you should stand at the exact spot. Infact it is even better to stay away from each other so you don’t take area damage as explained in the demons section. Also make sure to play supporting each other. If you do your solo thing you will lose. The mode is not meant for solo players on demon side.

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