Barotrauma – Detective Work: How to Find a Traitor

Quick Note: This guide is for average players or experts looking to see if they learn something new, your welcome to look at this guide if you arent in those categories but some topics might be hard to understand.

Establishing Basics

Traitor Basics

To start, you’ll need to know how traitor missions work in order to get behind finding them. (Your welcome to go to my other guide about traitor missions that go much more in depth about traitors.) To start, Beginning Traitors (First Gens) will usually get chosen at random VERY early into the game, not immediately but with enough time to prepare for the round. Missions will range from sabotaging the oxygen generator to injecting husk eggs into specific people. The missions can be VERY hard depending on how cluttered the sub is, which is why alot of people sometimes choose to kill everyone stealthily instead of doing the mission.

Easy or Hard, any experienced player will know what missions are happening and alot of the time can figure out what their mission is before they complete it.

Crime Scene Inspection

Generally when crimes are committed you need to figure out what to do. Lets set up a scene, An engineer has been found dead at the reactor. Your first action should be to check how he died, once you do you find that he was killed via Blunt Force Trauma, Your first assumption should be that it was a stun baton, as it is 1: Fairly easy to fabricate, 2: the safest bet for blunt force weapons 3: gives stun to whoever is hit, making them easy kills as long as the stun is repeatedly given and the attacker is in a safe, mostly quiet area with the victim.

Using the information you have you decide that it was an engineer or mechanic, due to both having access to fabricators, and are normally found in the reactor room. Using this information you alert all security and the captain (if you arent the captain) and tell them to stun check every mechanic and engineer, and the killer is found.

This is a pretty easy setting, and it gets plenty harder, but this is a good showcase of how you’ll need to do your detective work.

Semi-Advanced Setups

Traitor Gens

Lets say you messed up while trying to find your no-gooder, and they’re dead. This is no time to celebrate though, as now we have more problems.

First gens are the traitors chosen at the beginning of the round, if your lucky they’ll get caught fast or be completely blocked out of their role, doomed to either crack under the pressure and go on a murder spree or wander aimlessly looking for their mission until the round ends. But if you arent lucky they might fail their mission or just die, this begins the timer until the second gen is chosen. This is just a fancy term for the second generation of traitor/s.

Now heres why this is pretty bad, because once they’re chosen EVERYTHING you built up disappears. They’ll have a new mission, be an entirely different person, and likely make a new crime scene for you to investigate, if they get a mission that isnt ship blocked that is. Your generally screwed at this point, as you’ll have to take ALOT of time preparing to bust your new clown doctors husk medicine scheme.

Mission Denying

Sometimes you’ll get lucky before you even know the traitors out and about, and you’ll find their mission before they do.

Its generally easy to figure it out, as only the maddest of sub creators put a literal toolbox of deliriumine in the vents, and mudraptor eggs in the medbays. Either way, its a pretty safe idea to jettison these as soon as possible.

Expert Strategies

Context Questioning

To put it simply, context questioning is making assumptions based on information you have. Like if people have been getting dragged out of airlocks without a suit and you catch that one doctor waiting by the airlock with a suit on, you’d best get a stun gun out and prepare to ask questions and shoot if needed.

Having that one engineer run in the opposite direction as everyone else while the reactor blows up is generally pretty easy to figure out, but never kill based on assumptions, as you dont know people and (spoiler alert) people can be quite weird and do weird things with unknown intentions. The dive-suit doctor might be going outside the ship to get loot off of the popped bodies out there, the engineer might be chasing the clown who actually blew up the reactor (though not recommended, just say what you saw.)

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