Barotrauma – Shuttle and Human Moon Pool Guide

Barotrauma - Shuttle and Human Moon Pool Guide
Barotrauma - Shuttle and Human Moon Pool Guide

In this guide you will learn how to make functional two way moon pool using vanilla items.
Its first moon pool method discovered in game, for now one and only.

What is Moon Pool

Note: Credit goes to Latek

Moon pool is hole inside submarine that allows you to leave and enter sub from below.For now, moon pools in Barotrauma enabled you to only leave, but not enter.Few days ago, on 28 of june on discord we discovered a way to enter moon pool too.

So How to Do This

First you need to know it works.So normally when youve got hull you can go throught its border to any other connected hull that is directly touching it but when you go throght that hull outside ship it gets more interesting.First of you cant go back into hull even when using gaps, but you always can go back into airlock, why is it like that? For some reason you can go back throught doors and hatches.Hatches arent very esthetic one next to eachother unless they dont exist.Knowing that all now we need something that passes humans but doesn’t pass waterand that thing is gapless hull, but to get into gapless hull you need doors or another hull,so what we need to make here is long hull with invisible hatches that is touching another hull,you and water can pass througt that small layer of hull with hatches, and now you can also pass hull that doesnt pass water. Great. Now only thing you need is ladder or something that will allow you go out on surface and you are done!

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