Barotrauma – Captain Guide (How to Keep Control the Crew)

In this guide you will find some information about keeping your crew from dissolving into a chaotic mess most of the time.

Guide to Captain

Basic Crew Control

Alright, so you find yourself in control of a crew. There are a few things you need to know.

  1. You are the Captain so monkey see, monkey do.
  2. You should not let anyone else try to boss around your crew.
  3. Be clear with your orders and don’t jumble them up.
  4. Turn up your mic volume so you can be heard over the chaos.
  5. Security is your friend and are happy to deal with problems “Calmly”.

Your crew is a bunch of random people crammed in a sub on a planet with eldritch horrors beyond mortal comprehension. This will cause them to go crazy if you don’t keep them in check. Have security monitor all activities and also monitor where your crew are in your ship. Too many people in one place can mean that something suspicious is going on. Use your monitor on your nav panel to check where people are.

Maintaining your composure is important and will help with your crew listening to you. Don’t explode or whine about stuff. Just get your point across and you will be fine.

Dealing with Clowns

Clowns are interesting. They can be the bane of the captain’s existence or they merely do a little trolling like swapping the medics supply locker with resources from the engineering one.

Clowns that cause havoc are a problem that needs to be dealt with. The best way is to arrest them and lock them in a room where they won’t cause any harm or problems.

If this does not work, see: Dealing with Clowns (Advanced/Expert Methods)

Dealing with Assistants

Assistants are annoying and must be dealt with accordingly. If an assistant makes even one mistake or causes an issue, they must be arrested. Once you have them in cuffs, you have several options.

  1. Lock them in a room that isn’t frequently used.
  2. Lock them in a ballast. Hopefully the mud raptors will agro on them giving you time to respond.
  3. The good old throwing them out an air lock. For best results, do it while there are hammerheads in the area.
  4. Firing squad.
  5. Target practice.
  6. Test subject for your medics.

Dealing with Medics

Medics are essential to the survival of a submarine’s crew. They are there to heal you and pull you back from the grave after getting shot by station security for “Accidentally” Strategically Transferring Equipment to Alternate Locations (S.T.E.A.L). They also have the ability to kill faster than any weapon apart from direct impacting people with a railgun. Do not make your medic angry. In saying this, medics, at least in my experience, are often the most deranged member of your crew and to be honest it’s kinda understandable. People are constantly stealing your stuff so that when they need help you don’t know where your stuff is. In saying this, I often have a guard in the medical bay to prevent theft. If that’s not possible then giving your medics access to the armory also works.

As a captain, it’s best practice to keep antidotes on you for every drug you have on the ship. You never know when the medic will “Accidentally” inject you with a husk infection.

Dealing with Clowns (Advanced/Expert Methods)

Here are some advanced/expert methods for dealing with clowns.

  1. You have a revolver, use it
  2. You have access to a variety of weapons in the armory.
  3. Tie them up and shove em out an airlock.
  4. Drown em in a ballast tank.
  5. Mudraptor/ Tiger thresher bait.
  6. Poor man’s decoy depth charge.
  7. Target practice
  8. Station Security target practice.
  9. Meat shield.
  10. Test subject for medics.
  11. Stress reliever.
  12. Holder of the volatile rods (Requires them to be locked somewhere not frequently used and no hazmat suit).
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