Barotrauma – Basics of Sub Building

Barotrauma - Basics of Sub Building
Barotrauma - Basics of Sub Building

A guide to the basics (and some more advanced stuff) when you start building a sub, some stuff I wish I knew and some stuff I have learned.

Power and You!

Note: Credit goes to CaithLoki

This is the basics for wiring up a reactor to your ship. With this you have power going from reactor, to junction, then to items, the batteries are wired directly back to the junction box as a load balance, when you have to much power they fill up when not enough power they drain, stopping brown outs and power spikes. To increase the amount of wires available you go power out from a junction box to the next junction box adding 3 more wire slots per junction box added with the last in the chain getting 4 free slots.

Driving Your Sub

To setup a system for driving your sub you will need engines and pumps, they each need to be wired to power from a junction box. With the engine you need to plug into the navigational terminal on the X_out(Green) and pumps to Y_out (Yellow).

Ballast Room Basics

For a good Ballast Room you want it to be close to 0.5 Neutral Ballast, this will give you the most range of up and down movement since it means that at stand still the room is half empty and half full. It will also change in size depending on the size of your sub, 10-25% of your sub should be a ballast tank to allow easy of movement. Multiple rooms split by doors are good as well allowing one room to get punctured but not leave you dropping at full speed since the whole sub didn’t flood. There is more involved with this but at this time I do not have the full info to flesh it out, this is just the basics of the process.

Setting Up Your Guns

Wiring of rail and coil guns are easy to do. You want power wired to a super capacitor then to the gun, then periscope has position out and trigger out to the relevant points on the gun, you also need to click the loader then hold space and click the gun to link them for ammo supply.

Hulls, Gaps and How to Link Them

With each room you have in your sub it needs a hull item placed to point out to the game where you should be able to survive and water should not be, and effects how water flows into the sub and sinks the sub. With the hull item you should have it fill the room to the walls or even partly into them. When you meet a door make sure the two rooms sharing that door are butted up together or you will get a crushing water section in that gap that will trap and kill anyone who touches it, this can also happen if the hull does not fully cover a room in say a corner of said room.

For gaps you need these for any door ways (which place automatically) or when you have a weird shaped room requiring multiple hulls to cover it like on the left, the gap is drawn between the two and makes sure water acts as it should.

For rooms with multiple hulls you will need to link them, if they are in a row then go from one to the other, Like so or if they are in a group all touching link all them together.

Here is an example of a fully hulled, gapped and linked sub. I still need to do some trial and error with linking of hulls but this is a general idea on what to do.

More on Linking

Besides linking ammo to guns you can link many things, Such as storage to your deconstructors or to your fabricators allowing the items to be dumped into the storage instead of onto the floor when the output fills.

As well you can link the Status Monitor to the Navigation terminal, Sonar Monitor and shuttle controls to allow you to see them both on the same screen, but to activate it you need to set it to display side by side when linked in the Status Monitor. This can also be done with other items but has a current bug that will cause the storage display and work shop to over lay.

This is an example of the linked Sonar and Nav terminal, it shows both. It will do this with storage connected to the fab and decon but might break after a few uses overlaying the displays.

Here is an example of the overlapping display issue which is sad because the ability to have both of these on screen or even multiple inventories would make item management a.lot easier.

Relay Power

A way to wire up your lighting in your sub is to use the relay, it will allow you to only use one slot in the Junction box for four lights or other items, but will only supply 1000 power at a maximum unless altered in the editor.

With the relay, make sure to turn in on in the menu unless you plan to do it manually in game.

With the relay you can also wire up say a decon and fab since they use 1000 power together, or 2 ballast pumps for 600 usage and then use the remaining power for bilge pumps which use 60 each. You can go over the 1000 power limit (or just change it to what ever you want) but you have to make sure that you are not using over that limit at the same time.

Whats the WiFi?

The Wifi component can be used in a tons of ways, giving signal to anything in the ship. One way to use them is to wire up the aiming and trigger to a coil gun to wifi with each on a different channel. This can be used for buttons, the ships pump and engine, doors, even drones. But it does have a maximum range and can cause issues in more extreme uses.

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