Barotrauma – Managing Extreme Situations (How to Survive)

Barotrauma - Managing Extreme Situations (How to Survive)
Barotrauma - Managing Extreme Situations (How to Survive)

To become “Real” proffesional submariner, you must know all basics of how to survive events on submarine (Crash into rock, no ability to move submarine, monsters trying to break in etc.)

Managing Extreme Situations Guide

Note: Credit goes to Mark

Floating and Driving in Submarine

So first problem you may usually see is unability to rise submarine or drive it. To manage it, you must remember that water filling sections are efficient to make submarine float or diving. If your ship doesn’t float, you must check if submarine doesn’t have any hull breaches or if pumps working in right way. If hull breached, just fix it and make sure that pumps will suck the water. If you didn’t find any hull breaches, there is a chance that breach can be outside submarine and it is impossible to fix, so check outer submarine walls if you so desperate. And if you can’t drive right and left, check engine just in case.

If you did it, congratulations! You now proffesional rookie!

Reactor Problems

If reactor is overloading, check if it doesn’t uses a lot of power rods and if all junction boxes are fine so fix them if needed to deal with this simple problem.

If it was tampered (“Wires stick out of electronics”) check next tip.

Someone Trying to Destroy Everything

This is very extreme problem to deal with, if you see that someone tampering with electronics at start without permission: Quickly arrest and kill that person. But if person is sneaky, and manages to leave no trails around. Ask captain to check up all members of submarine, and look for person who dropping wires or screwdrives during it (“They usually forget about hiding wires from their inventory, so try to use this as advantage during check out.”)

Do not let them tamper with electronics for too long, or consequences will be fatal. And if you want to be an hero, try to learn how mechanics and wires work on speciffic objects before joining game so manage to stop them from doing that.

Monster Attack

If you under attack of monsters, wear diving suits just in case if pressure may come in during hull breach. And don’t care about other electronics and focus on dealing with creatures by railguns before they will get inside. Also good tip of survival is take alien blood when possible so you have much better chances to survive during this.

Traitor With a Guns

If you hear that someone started doing massacre, get quickly to a suit or get gun or baton if you can. And try to do hull breaches, so you traitor will have problems to kill everyone in water. And try to kill him with plasma cutters or with gun, while he is unconcious because your baton. So you will become greatest savior of all times. Next tip of fixing mechanics in next one.

Everything Doesn’t Works!

If you notice that submarine is falling down, and nothing is working. Check if reactor working, and fill it if needed to. But if reactor is fine, don’t be afraid to turn it off and check if all devices are working (“Pumps and juction boxes or Electronics is needed to repair.”)

But if you notice there a hull breach, it is best idea to wear an diving suit and start reactor and try to fix pumps so water will be sucked.

Don’t Go Near The Turbines when Diving

best tip. Never go from turbines side/engine or you will be easily murdered.

There an Artifact on Submarine!

If you heard that someone transporting close artifact, ask how relic looks like. There are three types of artifacts that i know.

  1. Meteorite looking one: Whatever you do, do not let it get to air. Enable Pump Flow and tell the crewmate that holds artifact to stay in the watered section at all times until you’re get to designation.
  2. Antenna looking one: If you see that artifact, alert all crew to get to the designation soon as possible, or lot numbers of creatures will eat you alive.
  3. Blocky looking one: I don’t know what specifically he does, but he maybe destroys electronics around it.. (“If you know what that relic does please contact me.”)

Husk Attack

Just make sure that husk’s doesn’t get inside, and try to deal with him before they will manage to infect one member or more of your crew. If someone is, use antibiotics at beginnings stages and maybe even use calyxyonide. But if they in ending stages, tell them to leave the ship or lock them in speciffic room where they will become husks.


If you crew notices an big enemy comming to the ship, do same as guide Monster Attack

Falling into The Abyss

You have only option to survive, is to deal with all ship problems (“Use all my guides”) and get to the surface soon as possible. But if you came too late, you can hide in the strong pressure room which can wistand the pressure, but still you going to die unfortunately.

Your Crew Are Dead

Achievement Last Standing

You must do everything by yourself, first you need to do is fix all hull breaches and kill all creatures that comming to the ship, if some creature stuck in the wall, get two magnums and kill it. Then start fixing pumps and engines, so you can later drive ship. And make sure you have enough power rods to get to designation. If you will not do this guide, say goodbye to your life.

Everything Is Burning!

If everything burning you must just deal with fire, that it.

Why Everything So Strange!

This is effect for using alien blood, don’t worry about it. But if you don’t know what real or not, look at your character stats, if you coming into fire and nothing happens. That is the effect.

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