Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Get the Jack of All Trades Achievement

This achievement is not really that hard.

The Jack of All Trades Achievement Guide


First off, You need to get to level 12 on your party, as experience is shared among everyone, even Followers in your camp that you don’t Use. You likely can see where this is going. You should get to level 12 Late into Act 3 (But not before the Finale) Provided you do plenty of exploring.


If you have already leveled all the origin characters into the same class more than once, there is still another way, Wither’s Hirelings also count for this Achievement, and Don’t count as a class reset upon Hiring, So hire a Hireling and Put one level into each class. The Hireling should immediately be able to level to level 12 Upon putting them in your party if your party is already level 12. If not, Just gather a little bit more experience if possible and you should be good.

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