Street Fighter 6 – Farming EXP Guide for Chapter 15

This guide is designed to make that road to 59 a little less painful.

How to Farm EXP


  • You must have the France area unlocked (Manon).
  • You should be at least level 48 for best results.
  • You should have the Mount Vashal Base in Nayshall fast travel point unlocked.
  • This will be easier if you have a lot of flight tickets and continues stashed up.
  • You’ll need money to buy the EXP (L) item several times.
  1. Fly to France and buy the Pot-Au-Feu
  • Fly to France.
  • Talk to Merchant Hawker.
  • Select his “General Store” option and buy Pot-Au-Feu, a dish that gives you a temporary EXP (L) bonus.
  1. Immediately fly to Nayshall (Mount Vashal Base) and run up to the arena entrance
  • Now that you have a limited time to maximize EXP farm, the clock is ticking.
  • Fly to Mount Vashal Base in Nayshall.
  • Once you’re there, turn to your right and take the small cave exit which brings you to the waterfall.
  • Do not go through the waterfall, take the path on the right which brings you toward the ladders to the tournament entrance. There will be some hostile fighters on the way. You can try to run past them and take the ladders or fight them on your way.

Note: After you beat the game, you’ll unlock a fast travel destination for the courtyard but until then, you’ll have to take the aforementioned scenic route.

  1. Farm at the tournament courtyard area
  • Now that you’re in the courtyard, beat up every fighter in sight to maximize EXP.
  • Use your tag team summons (LB+RB for Modern controls) as soon as you get them to speed things up. Try to avoid time consuming grab moves. Leveling up will fully restore your health and you should be leveling up often enough so that you won’t run out of health, but if it comes down to it, I recommend fighting until you run out of health and not using items because you’ll likely need those items for chapter 15. Keep doing this until the EXP bonus wears off (the EXP icon in the top-right will go away).
  1. Rinse and repeat
  • Repeat this process ad nauseum until you reach at least level 59, at which point you should be ready for the final chapter. Cheers!
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