Street Fighter 6 – The Basic Fight Triangle Guide

Simple explanation of the core fight triangle of street fighter.

Guide to the Basic Fight Triangle

Note: Credit goes to Etc_Null

The Fight Triangle

There are three basics in the fight triangle that play out like Rock Paper Scissors.

  • Jab – the fastest light punch/kick you have.
  • Guard – Standing block.
  • Grab – the standard throw.

Jab Beats Grab: because the jab will knock them out of grabbing which gives you priority.

Guard beats Jab: because if they commit to anything slower than a light punch you can punish them on-block.

Grab beats Guard: because you cant block a grab.

This is one of the most basics concepts in the game, but you will find other triangles such as this one. If you know what the answer to your enemies strategy is then the only thing stopping you is execution.

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