Street Fighter 6 – AFK Farming Money (Zenny) in World Tour with AHK

How to farm Zenny when AFK in World Tour Street Fighter 6.

Things You Will Need

  • Street Fighter 6 (of course)
  • AutoHotkey V1 (not v2 because the script wont run with V2)
  • The AHK file that I made: (I will put the script content at the end of the guide).

Info About the Script

This is a macro. It wont modified the game file so you wont get banned. Macro had been around since the age of MMO, imo Capcom wont ban you for using it in WT.

First of all you need to open the game first and go to world tour mode. The main idea of the script is to use Modern Marisa and then spam the special move button (Y Button on the xbox controller).

You need Modern Marisa or this will not work.

Another note is that the game should be running around 60Fps. For some reason in this game the lower the fps made the game slower, i think that the physics of this game is bounded to it game engine.

If the game started running around this area at 40 fps then the script wont work because it’s based on timing key strokes.


First of all you need to go to this location.

And then choosing the hardset mode for more Zenny.

You need to played the first game for a while.

Until this window appeared.

Hovering your mouse to Yes, but dont click it. And then start the AutoHotKey file. And then when in the game window, press N.

How to Use The Script:

  • To start the loop: You press N on the keyboard, and to end the loop you press M.
  • I mapped my Special attack button (the Y button) to NUM 8 on the keyboard. But you can edit the script yourself with custom input

And There You Go

You done it! When the script is being run you can go to the store and buy some milk and then come back without spaming that poor Y button on your controller.

Script Content

; Initialize a toggle variable
LoopToggle := 0

; Toggle the loop on or off
LoopToggle := !LoopToggle

; If the loop is turned on
if LoopToggle {
SetTimer, PerformLoop, 1000 ; Start the loop
} else {
SetTimer, PerformLoop, Off ; Stop the loop

M:: ; This hotkey will stop the loop
LoopToggle := 0
SetTimer, PerformLoop, Off

; Press and release the F key for 128ms
Send, {F down}
Sleep, 128
Send, {F up}

; Wait for 5 seconds
Sleep, 5000

; Press and release the Num 8 key for 72ms, repeatedly for 122 times
Loop, 122
Send, {Numpad8 down}
Sleep, 72
Send, {Numpad8 up}
Sleep, 104

; Wait for 5 seconds
Sleep, 5000

; Press and release the F key for 88ms, repeat twice
Loop, 2
Send, {F down}
Sleep, 88
Send, {F up}
Sleep, 5000

; Press and release the A key for 88ms
Send, {A down}
Sleep, 88
Send, {A up}
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