Risk of Rain 2 – How to One-shot Mithrix (Cheese Strats)

How to one shot mithrix, unlock the captain character, and pretend you are good at the game. And yeah, you will be playing on drizzle difficulty. And using artifacts.

The Set Up

To do this run, you will be playing on drizzle difficulty, the green one with the lil-face and all the bonuses located at the top right in the character selection screen. Yes, this does make the run significantly easier, and is not really recommended once you know how to play a bit more.

Once you have that set up, I would recommend using the loader, however any character with a move that does a decent bit of damage in a single shot should work. To unlock the loader, you play through up to stage 4, and hope you get Siren’s Call.

If you don’t like RNG, then at the end up stage 3, take a portal to the bazaar between time and dream for Siren’s Call with lunar coins. You can unlock the blue portal with lunar coins after finding a newt altar, and after completing the teleporter, you will see a blue portal appear, simply interact with it, follow the path to the cave, and then use another 3 lunar coins to dream for Siren’s Call, then go back to the portal and ta-da!

For beginners, it might be better to simply wait for RNG and pick up some skills getting to stage 4. Once you arrive at stage 4 in Siren’s Call, you need to break 5 of the vulture eggs scattered across the map, witch are small blue eggs. Upon breaking the eggs, a boss will spawn.

Defeat the boss, you will get an achievement, and then the next time you go to start a run, the loader will be unlocked. Once you have the loader, an optional (but recommended) course of action would be to unlock his alternate shift ability.

To do this, you need to kill an enemy with your shift ability, while traveling at over 300 mph. To do this, simply grapple an enemy while holding shift, and release at the last second, which should easily get 300 mph. If this doesn’t work, you can pick up some speed increasing item, or watch a video on how to achieve this.

Once you have Thunder Gauntlet, you are almost ready to go! The last thing to do is grab artifact of command, and optionally, sacrifice. Command will let you choose your items, and is extremely over-powered for god-runs, and sacrifice makes it so monsters can drop items, and chests no longer spawn.

To unlock artifacts, reach stage 5, go to the hole to the bottom of the map, and input a code (I suggest you look this part up), then activate the teleporter, and you will find yourself in a pocket dimension, Bulwark’s Ambry. Complete the challenge, and claim your artifact. Now that you have done all the set up, time for the build!

The Build

Start the run on drizzle difficulty, playing the loader with the Thunder Gauntlet (if you have it), and play through the first 5 levels as you would, grabbing at least ~10 ish crowbars (the more the better), and ~5-10 Armor-Piercing rounds.

The crowbars do extra damage to enemies above 90% health, and the Armor-Piercing rounds do extra damage to bosses. Once you reach the fifth stage, make sure your teleporter aligns with the move via the surronding spikes, and then complete the teleporter, and teleport to the moon.

Once on the moon, follow the path until you see the force-field around the ship. You should see blue glowing beams in the sky, which you follow to pillars. There are four different types of pillars, all of them do different things, but you should just stay in the zone and charge them similar to teleporter events. Upon completing four pillars, you will see two new blue beams, with will lead you to a jump pad. Hop on the glowing blue jump pad, and get up to the boss fight.

Alternatively, you can use your shift and grapple abilities to climb up the base of the tower in the middle, which shouldn’t be that much of a challenge, and could save you time. Either way, when you reach the arena, walk past the force-field and the ring of rocks, triggering the start of the fight, and simply grapple on to or walk close enough to Mithrix, and charge your shift, before using the ability to one-shot him.

Make sure not to hit him with any other abilities that could reduce his health and make your crowbars worthless. Once the first phase is done, the add phase will summon a small army of lunar creatures, which you would have fought when completing the pillars.

I recommend targeting the flying ones first, by grappling towards them and then using shift once again. When you complete this phase, try to be towards the middle, where Mithrix will respawn, and then hit him with your shift ability once more to one-shot him again. This will trigger the final phase, where Mithrix will steal all of your items.

Damaging him will slowly give you your items back, and for the most part, this stage is just for show, as mithrix is barely able to move and has very low hp. Simply walk in circles around him, hitting him with your shift or R ability occasionally, and watch out for when he slams the ground, creating blue orbs that go out, and then boomerang back to him.

You should easily be able to complete this phase, and then simply go through one of the blue portals that appear after defeating him, and grapple + shift your way back to the ship, which you will need to defend just like the pillars and teleporter events before completing the game. Look out for the purple explosions, and you should be fine. Congrats, you just beat the game!

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