Risk of Rain 2 – Tips & Tricks!

Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!
Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!

Risk of Rain 2 Guides:


  • Teleporters actually have a great tell as to where they are located. If you look around teleporters, you will notice floating golden particles, which are the same particles in the middle of the teleporter.

Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!
Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!
Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!

  • An easy way to dodge normal golem laser attacks is by jumping right before they shoot.
  • Jumping constantly is extremely useful both later in game and with low-mobility characters.
  • Many enemies can be stood on! This is most noticeable on certain bosses, such as Colossus and Wandering Vagrant.
  • Wisps are high priority targets, as they are easy to kill with most characters and are very dangerous due to their quick attacks that are difficult to dodge, making them deadly in groups.
  • Green wisps can be easily dodged by moving towards them and jumping right as they are firing their twin flame shot at you, due to the gap in the middle. This is harder in groups, but still possible sometimes.


  • A way to improve height on your normal jump is by using your glaive before jumping. While on the ground, use your glaive, then jump. It will increase your height by around 50%, and it works for double jumps as well!
  • You can use both the blink and arrow rain back-to-back for a short time of scouting the area around you. The extra height you can get from both skills along with the short rest period from the arrow rain give a great advantage than looking from the ground!


  • Place your turrets in a high location, preferably on top of a rock or a surface that isn’t connected to anything else to prevent ground monsters from being able to get to them easily.

Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!
Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!

  • You can charge your shots up while sprinting, it’s just that the initial mouse button press stops your sprint. Simply press shift to sprint again after starting your weapon charge.


  • When shooting weaker mobs with Flame Bolt, sometimes the residual fire DoT (Damage over Time) can be enough to finish them off. This means extra Flame Bolts aren’t wasted on already-dead enemies.
  • Snapfreeze works wonders on bosses, due to their large size.
  • A nice use of snapfreeze is activating it while you’re moving and looking at your feet and ‘sideways’ (perpendicular) to the direction you’re running towards. Like this:

Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!

The direction you’re running towards, for example.

Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!

Strafing to the left and looking down with Snapfreeze activated.

Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!


Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!

A nice trail behind you for enemies to walk into as they path right behind you usually.

Risk of Rain 2 - Tips & Tricks!

A better view.

  • You can charge up your Nano Bomb while sprinting, you just need to press sprint again after initializing the charge.
  • Charged Nano Bomb will shoot out lighting arcs as it is travelling. This can be useful to damage hordes of wisps or other enemies.
  • A fully charged Nano Bomb can knock back you back in the other direction, allowing for higher jumps or slightly more speed.
  • Take time to learn when it’s good to use uncharged nano bombs (Just tapping right click to throw the lowest level charged nano bomb), as there are certain situations where half or fully charging it is simply overkill and a time waste. This may not seem like much, but a split second of dodging can make or break your run, especially since this is used all of the time.
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