Risk of Rain 2 – Easy Item Collecting

Risk of Rain 2 - Easy Item Collecting
Risk of Rain 2 - Easy Item Collecting

These are some strats that I use to get items.

Risk of Rain 2 Guides:

Chest Camping

Chest camping is where you find a chest that you can’t afford, and kind of sit next to it while farming enemies. Depending on how stingy the cost is, it might take a bit of time. It works best with the Engineer since he can place Gauss turrets and a giant shield. You can even use the bustling fungus or woodland sprite, but I wouldn’t stand still too long on monsoon mode.

Item Rushing

Item Rushing is kind of the last resort. You mainly focus on finding the teleporter while running around, and occasionally killing enemies. It’s based on luck. If you find a chest or terminal you can afford, you just run by and grab it. Same goes for beating the boss and getting the drops. It’s meant for speedruns or monsoon mode.

Cash Overloading

Cash Overloading is when you stock up on cash, and spend it all at once. I see this used after charging the teleporter, because you have a lot of money that you would otherwise lose. Or if you’re that one guy that gambles it all away to a shrine of chance, then you can use the item rush strategy before this and hope you don’t get lucky. Now you have a bunch of money to gamble away.

Lazy Low Life (LLL)

This is the strategy that makes it rain salt. You abuse the fact that all the money is shared in multiplayer. So you don’t do anything. Don’t contribute. Steal. If someone buys something, try to get it first. When the boss is almost dead, camp around the teleporter, and wait for the item drops. When people kill a lot of enemies, and you have gold, then you buy something for once. Don’t do this one. Everyone will hate you.

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