Europa Universalis IV – List of Advantages That Bots Have

Just a short list of advantages that I have noticed over time that bots have.

Bots Advantage List


  • Bots gain more army tradition than you

Regardless of whether you are the attacker or not, whether you have 4 times the size of the bot’s army or vice versa, the bot will always tend to gain more army tradition (Proportionally in most cases, like they won’t gain as much when they only lose 1k of army) than you, the player. The frequency that I noticed is that when I lose a battle, I win twice or a little more than the winning bot, but when I win the bot wins 4 to 8+ times army tradition than me. And no, these bots don’t have any ideas that increase army tradition.

It’s clearly an advantage, it also affects another situation that I tend to observe…

  • Bots tend to have better generals than yours

This is affected by the army tradition advantage.

  • Bots do not take attrition in the ocean

I always wondered why the colonists (Portugal, Castile, France, etc) were so much faster than me when I was them… simply because they have the divine gift of traveling from the extreme north to the south of the Atlantic in 1444 without losing a single ounce of men or wood in their ships. They also do not appear to take attrition from the distance of their maritime provinces.

  • The colonizers tend not to face attacks from the natives

As some of them did not send troops to the colonies at first, this is a good advantage for them to establish something to support further expansion. They are attacked, but MUCH less frequently than a player (like 60-80% less).

  • Some nations can claim land under conditions that are impossible for the player

An example is the golden provinces, even though they are in the middle of the country, provinces far from water or land borders, it doesn’t matter, the bots can claim there, but the player? far from that possibility.

  • Allied bots seem to be dumber than enemy bots, always

When they are your ally, it seems like they lose 100 IQ instantly. They do more frequent suicide missions, they attack at a disadvantage, but the enemies, seem to do the opposite, play smart. This is a trend I’ve always seen in the game.

  • Bots tend to have much better rulers

There is often a situation where I get a 1 1 3, but the bots get a 4 5 4 or higher. The worst thing is when these high-level rulers are from a country I’ve played a lot and didn’t get good ones that often. Seeing a 6 5 6 on a bot is much more likely than the player getting a 0 1 2… I think… I think that’s a good question, which is rarer? a 6 6 6 on a bot or 0 1 0 on the player? and I’m not even talking about the hunting accident event yet.


This list would only grow, I’m sure they have a few more advantages that I haven’t noticed or remembered yet, but this is enough for them to do a lot of damage when these advantages are decisive. I think there is no fair game here, and the game was made to pass difficulty (that is, made for you to lose), the closest thing to “fair” would be to play on easy, which seems to be fairer in some cases.

As a reference, I almost always play on normal with lucky nations disabled (because lucky nations only go to bots, which already have several advantages). The other times I play on easy or very easy when I want to do something different. I play in vanilla, without DLC.

Also, don’t take everything I said as absolute truth, but pay attention if something I said happens or if you start to notice trends in the same way I did. I’m just 100% sure about the advantage of bot’s army tradition.

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