Baldur’s Gate 3 – Best Weapon for Act 3

Act 3 Best Weapon

The best weapon in Act 3… …is Victoria (the corpse of the dead girl in Cazador’s mansion).

The “weapon” will tick every turn dealing either 3d8 or 4d6 (unclear, tooltip on the “weapon” shows 3d8 but the log shows 4d6) necrotic damage (halved on a WIS save) to everything in a large radius nearby. It does not cause NPCs to turn hostile (so for any murderous psychopaths you can have a field day, I suppose). Moreover, if you carry it around and then enter combat, you can throw the “weapon” at or near an enemy and it will continuously tick without needing to progress the turns thus you can kill bosses as soon as you are able to throw the “weapon”.

Tips for carrying this “weapon” around:

  1. You are forced to walk… but your jump/flying distance/speed is unchanged.
  2. High saves help reduce damage (halves it, WIS saves).
  3. Necrotic resistance halves the damage (easiest source would be an elixir).
  4. Damage reduction applies after the save/resistance so it’s really nice to have. If you have necrotic resistance + could somehow reach 6 flat damage reduction you will never take damage when succeeding the save.
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