The Build and How to Use It

Using the build provided below you will able to S rank almost every mission.

Download code: D468MXB05U82

Parts List:

  • VE-67LLA
  • EL-PH-00 ALBA
  • KASUAR/42Z
  • BST-G1/P10
  • FC-006 ABBOT
  • VP-20C

How It Works:

The low ammo cost and high damage output along with the speed of the build make it very easy for an S rank on pretty much every mission. Even on final bosses as long as you win you will still get an S rank no matter how much damage you take.

Build Game Play Tips:

By alternating the Right shoulder shotgun with the right hand shotgun will make enemies stagger very quickly, allowing you to use the laser lance (left shoulder melee weapon) and deal massive damage. Following up this combo you can use assault armor if they are still close to you for even more and by this time the shotguns should be ready to fire again.

When facing an enemy AC using the laser lance is very good as the AI generally can’t seem to avoid it resulting in some easy fights.

If you are getting stagger locked by a melee weapon assault armoring can turn the tables as it has some kind of hyper armor/priority over anything else.


Every mission up until the Attack the Dam Complex (alt) should be easy after you’ve done NG++ (which you should) Any mission I don’t mention you’ll be able to do after doing 3 runs of the game.

Attack the Dam Complex (alt)

For this mission you must accept the offer to get an S rank. I recommend jumping the lightweight AC first and killing him then retreating to the now allied battle log MT tetra pod and using it as a distraction when facing the tank AC.

Escort the weaponized mining ship

Very annoying mission but using a missile boat AC makes it very easy 8NBSRYP9MUVQ

Prisoner Rescue

Make sure the transports health is as high as possible

Infiltrate Grid 086

For this mission you must kill some of the battle log enemies. There are two tetra pod MTs behind you when you exit the area with remmy, along with two toy box mechs in the same area. Just killing the hidden AC in the level is probably enough to get an S rank though. located down a pipe in the smelting room.

I recommend flying above the the boss and shooting the top weak point then dropping down and unload into it’s face when it’s staggered.

Attack the Refueling Base

You must destroy all fuel tanks to get an S rank. For the end fight I recommend flying over between the buildings to the right and use scan and wait for the melee LC to get close enough to Assault armor for an easy kill.

Attack the Old Spaceport

You must kill all 3 battle log LCs during the mission located on the far right side of the map and left front of the large tower in the middle.

Defend the Dam Complex

Rush down the tetra pod AC and kill him before the tank AC can come and help, fighting both at the same time will result in you getting chain staggered and die. The tank AC is very easy to hit with the laser lance. Both should be dead before the Raven AC shows up. Retreating to some friendly MTs (where you started the mission) can provide some distraction for you.

Coral Export Denial

You must kill every transport yourself and not let any escape. Switch to missiles if you have a hard time but it’s doable with shotguns, just remember shotguns have 250M range.

Destroy the Ice Worm

Use any build you want as long as you can fit the needle launcher in it and have decent mobility. Try to use weapons with low cost ammo and don’t waste to many needle shots.

Eliminate V.III

Just use a missile boat AC and save yourself some time 8NBSRYP9MUVQ

Reach the Coaral Convergence + ALT version

Probably the most Difficult missions to S rank without some giga mega maga cheese. So that’s why were going to use some QSA68NUU28A3

Eliminate “Cinder” Carla

Kind of an annoying mission to do with most ACs but with the cheese build it’s pretty easy 8NBSRYP9MUVQ

For the fight hide ground level behind a wall and kill Carla in close range then mop up the last AC.

Shut Down the Closure Satellites

Your 621’s girlfriend will usually open with a quick melee attack from behind so make sure to turn around as soon as goes off screen at the start of the fight for some free shield damage (use assault armor if shes close enough). Use the laser lance when staggered and use shotguns to take down shield repeat.

When second phase starts immediately go to the edge of the battle zone so she can’t warp in behind you and avoid all her attacks until she becomes damageable again. when she can be hit again skirt the battle zone edge and assault armor when she melees.

If all goes well you should be able to burn her down before she does the same to you.

Regain Control of the Xylem

You can Bring Pulse armor to help save some AP in the final room but it’s not required. Hiding behind the central pillar will help avoid damage from first beam shot fired each time a new hacking zone unlocks. Overboosting upwards toward the hacking area will let you avoid most of the constant beam fire. Don’t forget to purge all your weapons for this part as well (left dpad plus weapon fire buttons) as this will save you some EN.

Coral Release

For phase 1 jump and boost around shotgunning the adds and then take out the AC. For phase 2 ignore the 2 sea spiders as they will disappear for phase 3 and target the boss. I find the laser lance to have pretty good tracking for some easy staggers and even if you miss you’ll probably accidentally dodge most attacks.

For phase 3 just like in the mission shut down the closure satellites go to the edge of the battle zone dodge his flurry of attacks and assault armor him when he gets close.

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