ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – Crate Locations (Mission: Infiltrate Grid 086)

Mission: Infiltrate Grid 086 Crates

Note: Credit goes to Gelti

First Crate

After you jump up to the rafters and take out a lone MT drop down this hole:

Kill the other two MT’s then turn around and check the back corner in the same room you dropped into, this area is on the main path and cant be skipped to my knowledge so you should be able to find it by playing the level normally and keeping an eye out for the spot.

Second Crate

Very close to first crate you will encounter this area, again it cant really be missed as its on the main path:

You want to jump across to the platform with the molten metal on the left and you’ll find an area with a bunch of MT’s on the ceiling who try to surprise you.

Here is the crate, BTW they look slightly different if you haven’t collected them:

Third Crate

Continue in mission until you get to this Radical door… heres the screenshot:

Find the spot I’m standing on with my terrible Mech in the screnshot and turn 90 degrees to the right, follow the path to find some MT’s guarding the crate:

Final Crate

You will have to back track to find this one and its guarded by an actual AC in a cramped space, bring your big guns. Back where we got crate number 2 the platform with the molten metal here:

Go into the pipe on the right that doesn’t have molten metal, from there you cant miss the path:

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